Cycclone Magnetic Engines Comments On The Importance Of Patents And Tesla Motors New Patent Policy

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LISMORE, Australia, June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc. today acknowledged the new Patent Policy announced by Tesla Motors on June 12, 2014. Tesla Motors new patent policy of applying an "open source philosophy" may suit their current commercial platform and market approach for their products however, Cycclone Magnetic Engines will not be following their lead.    

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On May 15, 2014 Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc. engaged USA patent attorneys to prepare and file for patent protection after ten years of in-house research and development. Many patents will be filed directly related to the core patent as the process is worked through.

Idealistic views of sharing invention with the world weakens those invention's position in the market. Society, business and politics are anchored to well established laws, procedures and policies that business managers have a duty of care to stakeholders to adhere to the standard process. Legal costs of procuring and protecting patents is a cost of doing business and overall, forms a small percentage relative to the commercial success of each individual invention and products in the market place.

"We have spent millions on litigation to keep our company to date and our litigious upbringing will follow through to the administration and management of our intellectual property."

Bob McClelland, President, Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc.

About Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc.

Formed in Nevada in 2004, Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc. is one of the most controversial engine development companies on the planet. Originally owned by Roadships Logistics Limited, Cycclone was divested to the shareholders pro-rata in 2005. Cycclone Magnetic Engines Inc. is a private Nevada company with operations in Australia engaged in the design and development of engines.    

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