Czech court: Former PM can be prosecuted

Czech Supreme Court says former prime minister can face prosecution on corruption claims

Associated Press

PRAGUE (AP) -- The Czech Supreme Court says that former Prime Minister Petr Necas could face corruption charges, but found that three ex-lawmakers caught up in a linked scandal are legally immune.

Necas' government collapsed in June in a whirlwind of corruption and marital infidelity allegations. Those arrested included Necas' closest aide, with whom he was having an affair.

Prosecutors allege the three ex-lawmakers agreed to resign from parliament in exchange for lucrative posts in state-run companies promised them by Necas.

The court confirmed Thursday that because the three were lawmakers then, their actions have parliamentary immunity.

But, according to the ruling and spokesman Petr Knotig, Necas can face charges. The premier's position does not have the same immunity as that of a member of parliament.


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