The “DaggerFoil Effect” Transforms the America’s Cup

Congratulations to ORACLE TEAM USA for Winning the America’s Cup

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After a hard fought best of nine races, Oracle Team USA came back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to beat Team New Zealand in a race series hailed as one of the greatest turn-around stories in the world of sports.

This year’s America’s Cup clearly reinforced a maxim that - if you want to truly raise the bar to a new level, you have to change the game. The landscape of world-class competitive sailing has changed forever as a result of the astounding acceleration and speed achieved through use of the daggerboard hydrofoil. We call this the “Daggerfoil Effect”. It raises the boat completely out of the waves. Competitive sailing has not only moved forward, it has evolved into a new species. This innovation has transformed not only the world of sailing but the universe of sailing spectators across the globe. Say ‘good bye’ to the days of watching paint dry and welcome to the days of hair-raising excitement of the new America’s Cup. Sailors have been morphed from mere helmsmen, sail trimmers and tacticians into on-the-water DaggerFoil enabled racecar drivers managing a vehicle blazing across the water that can reach speed in excess of 50 mph.

What the “daggerfoil effect” has done for sailing, the DaggerFoil Group does for sales organizations, raising them above the waves of competition.

Congratulations Oracle Team USA!

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