Defending the country's cyber space

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Defending the country's cyber space

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Defending the country's cyber space

There isn't much going for cyber defenders.

Imagine a soccer game between a blue team and a red team. When the blue team scores a goal, nothing happens. If the blue team stops the red team from scoring a goal, still nothing happens. But, if the red team gets the ball past a blue team defender then the red team wins and the game is over. Oh, and the red team has 15 players.

It's a far-fetched scenario, but this is the reality of being a cyber defender and we don't have much going for us. There are more attackers out there, and their research and information sharing is far more refined than ours because they only need to break through the walls once. We are playing a one-way sudden-death match.

Verizon's 2013 Data Breach Investigation Report painted a bleak picture of our state of data security. Of the 47 000 reported security incidents, 621 were data disclosures and outsiders perpetrated 92% of those disclosures.

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