Delegation Nation: One in five Brits Pass the Buck When it Comes to Organising their Social Calendars

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LONDON, September 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

- 32% of Brits struggle to spend time with their friends and family

- One in five (22%) is happy to delegate the organising to another family member

- 14% of Brits admit to regularly forgetting important birthdays and special occasions


We might all love socialising with friends and family but when it comes to organising, Brits are passing the buck. Research of over 2,000 people by Groupon UK has found just a quarter consider themselves to be the 'Doer' in their social group, taking responsibility for getting everyone together, whereas 22 per cent admit they're happier delegating the task to someone else. That might go some way to explain why a third (32%) say they struggle to spend time with friends and family, with those between 25-34 years old being the worst offenders (39%).

And it isn't just organising quality time with our nearest and dearest that we might be guilty of falling short on; a third admit to forgetting, dropping out of, or arriving late to social get-togethers. Despite it being easier than ever to check diaries, contact friends, and organise an evening out thanks to a range of sites and apps available at our finger tips, 14 per cent say they regularly forget important birthdays and special occasions.

When it comes to socialising, Groupon has identified that we fit into one of five categories:

The Doer:  Over a quarter (26 %) consider themselves the 'Doer' of the group, the friend who organises everything. From visiting the latest pop-up restaurant to family get togethers, this pro-active person is typically female and aged 18-24.

The Forgetter: 14 per cent said they are 'The Forgetter', the social scatterbrain that often can't remember when things are happening or forget their Mum's birthday or their parent's wedding anniversary. Ladies, it may come as no surprise that this person is typically male and aged 18-24.

The Culture Vulture: Only 11 per cent pride themselves on being the 'Culture Vulture' of the group. These highbrow characters are the ones who are always tapped into the latest trends and best things to do around town. They are typically male aged 25-34.

The Dropout: 8 percent admit to being the 'Dropout'. These flaky folks will promise their presence at your party but always drop out at the last minute. They are typically male aged 25-34. Remember not to rely on these guys to keep you company.

The Latecomer: 8 per cent confess to being the 'Latecomer' of the group and admit to being late to everything. Both men and women aged 18-24 are guilty of perpetual party tardiness.

Presenter and journalist Cherry Healey comments: "I love to see my friends and family as much as possible but, as a mother trying to juggle family and a career, I understand better than anyone how things can get in the way of spending time with the people we love. I have definitely been guilty of being The Forgetter on more than one occasion. There are so many easy ways to spend quality time with your friends and family nowadays and there's no excuse with so many online sites and apps."

Fifty three per cent of Brits cited lack of funds as the key reason for neglecting their social life and over a third (34%) of women said that lack of confidence stopped them from trying anything new. Surprisingly, a fifth of 20-29 year olds lacked inspiration, saying that they couldn't think of anything new to try.*

Roy Blanga, Managing Director, Groupon UK says: "It might be difficult to find the time to organise social events with friends and family but it is worth the effort, particularly as 22% of us say that sharing experiences with our family and friends improves our relationships, bringing us closer together and making us more trusting. With so many mobile apps and websites out there to help us find inspiration, there's no reason not to take the lead and organise a get-together in the spur of the moment. We can easily find free exhibitions, or search online for deals on theatre trips, comedy gigs, or even holidays - all the information is available at our fingertips."

For those aspiring 'Doers' or the 'Culture Vultures' out there looking to shed their 'Dropout' image - the most popular events to organise for your family are:

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Research was carried out by Opinium on behalf of Groupon UK. They polled a nationally representative sample of 2,002 UK adults on 29th July 2013.

* Research was carried out by Opinium on behalf of Groupon UK. They polled a nationally representative sample of 2008 UK adults, aged 18+ on August 17th 2012.

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