Democrats say Obama rejected Republican arguments on government shutdown in meeting


WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (Reuters) - President Barack Obamarejected Republican entreaties to negotiate over his healthcarelaw on Wednesday as a condition for their agreement to approvelegislation that would end a government shutdown, Democraticleaders said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid emerged from more than anhour of talks with Obama, House of Representatives Speaker JohnBoehner, the top U.S. Republican and other congressional leadersto say Obama told Republicans "he will not stand" for theirtactics.

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Obama will notinvoke a clause in the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitutionas a way to lift the U.S. debt ceiling on his own. The UnitedStates will run out of cash to pay its bills by Oct. 17 if thedebt ceiling is not raised.

"He's not going to" invoke the 14th amendment, she toldreporters.

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