Drilling Underway at the Kaburi PL Gold Project, Guyana, South America


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - Apr 10, 2013) - Tajiri Resources Corp. (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:TAJ) reports that as of earlier today drilling at the Company's Kaburi PL Gold Project, Guyana, South America has commenced on targets defined during Phase I & II work completed by the Company in 2012.

The drilling marks the first ever modern exploration efforts of its kind on the Property and will consist of a minimum 3,000 metres over approximately 25 - 30 shallow Reverse Circulation ("RC") drill holes in order to test targets associated with the Seer gold-in-soil anomaly, defined by over 1200 'Trado' (power auger) based soil samples taken at depths of up to 7 metres, with particular focus on those targets which correlate with the Phase II lithological sample results as highlighted below. These 187 panel samples were predominantly collected from mined out artisanal pits, within the Seer anomaly, where bedrock and lateritic exposures were exposed below the highly weathered saprolite.

Table of rock Samples Assaying >0.5 g/t Gold taken from lithological exposures at the Kaburi PL in November, 2012

Sample Type Sample ID Location Easting Northing Au g/t
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM68 Goldstar East 275864 625840 15.30
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM60 Alywn's Pit 275309 625204 9.94
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM67 Alywn's Pit 275309 625208 9.67
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM59 Alywn's Pit 275309 625204 5.69
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM43 Alywn's Pit 275318 625202 3.91
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM147 Goldstar NE 276260 626392 3.19
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM51 Alywn's Pit 275318 625208 2.99
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM08 Alywn's Pit 275319 625183 2.88
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM07 Alywn's Pit 275325 625183 2.65
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM36 Alywn's Pit 275318 625198 2.10
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM06 Alywn's Pit 275325 625183 1.35
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM44 Alywn's Pit 275318 625202 1.33
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM41 Alywn's Pit 275318 625200 1.27
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM157 SouthEast 275690 624637 1.17
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM31 Alywn's Pit 275322 625179 1.15
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM29 Alywn's Pit 275331 625181 0.87
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM37 Alywn's Pit 275318 625198 0.83
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM24 Alywn's Pit 275331 625192 0.80
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM46 Alywn's Pit 275318 625204 0.78
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM111 Camp 274074 625635 0.69
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM33 Alywn's Pit 275318 625196 0.60
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM12 Alywn's Pit 275318 625188 0.58
Panel Sample 1 by 1m GM138 Goldstar NE 276273 626383 0.56

The current RC Drilling program will continue for the next several weeks with samples being shipped periodically to the Acme Analytical Laboratories Preparation facility in Georgetown, Guyana with initial results expected by mid to late May, 2013.

On Behalf of the Board,

Tajiri Resources Corp.

Graham Keevil, President, CEO

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