Dynamix7.com Helps Small Businesses Adapt to New Marketing Realities

New Research Indicates That More Than a Fifth of the World's Population Will Be Involved With Social Networking by the End of 2012; Dynamix7.com Offers Small Businesses the Training They Need to Capitalize on These Trends


PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire -04/03/12)- It is easy to think of social networking as a predominantly Western, or at least a largely American, conceit. Often, social network users forget about the fact that Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are just as accessible in other parts of the world as they are here. In fact, a new study shows that roughly a fifth of the world's population is involved in social networking. More accurately, over 20% of the world's population will be on at least one social network by the end of 2012. This provides an enormous platform for marketing, and one company, Dynamix7.com, is seeking to help small businesses take full advantage of it.

Indeed, the social networking study notes that if 20% of the world is involved in social networks, the obvious implication is that 20% of the world can be reached by social marketing. The article goes as far as to call social marketing "a competitive necessity" for businesses of all sizes, and the founders of Dynamix7.com are hard-pressed to disagree.

In fact, while the educational services provided by Dynamix7.com include Web design and HTML tutorials, the company has recently narrowed its focus to emphasize its offerings in social marketing. Dynamix7.com provides Web-based training modules, all of which are geared toward small business owners. The gist of the training is that small business owners not only learn the technical capacities required by social marketing, but also that they develop the strategic skills necessary to use social networks to build their business.

Dynamix7.com is aimed not just at small business owners, but particularly at small business owners who have limited technical experience. In fact, the company claims that its training is accessible even to those with zero previous training in social marketing.

But as the above study illustrates, the days of getting by without the implementation of social marketing are behind us. The percentage of the world's population that used social networks in 2011 was over 17%. By the end of this calendar year, that number is projected to hit 20.4% or higher. Additionally, it is projected that the number will hit 25% by the conclusion of 2014.


Dynamix7.com is a digital training service that offers instructional services geared almost exclusively toward small business owners. The company provides web-based training videos that allow business owners to learn on their own time, according to their own schedule. The curriculum encompasses the basics of web design and e-commerce software, but emphasizes marketing through Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. For more information about the site and the services it provides, visit http://dynamix7.com.

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