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Accept Your Earth Rangers Mission:  Get Involved and Make a Difference

WOODBRIDGE, ON, April 8, 2014 /CNW/ - Earth Rangers Missions provide children and families with a hands-on way to get involved and make a difference for the environment on Earth Day and any day of the year. Earlier this year, Earth Rangers announced the launch of a new component to their membership program based on 'Missions' - simple activities that encourage environmentally responsible behaviours while teaching children and their families how they can help protect animals and their habitats.

Missions are fun assignments that Earth Rangers Members are challenged to complete throughout the year, designed to keep them engaged and actively participating in actions that directly contribute to the health of the planet all year round. New Missions are regularly sent to Members and vary in size, scope and theme, from battery recycling to making a homemade bird feeder to taking part in green activities. Earth Rangers Missions provide a new level of interaction and engagement with Members, resulting in new generations of youth that are mindful about the health of the planet and wildlife.

The Battery Blitz Mission encourages children to collect and recycle batteries properly by teaching them about the serious environmental impact when batteries end up in the landfill. In the first two months, over 4,000 Earth Rangers have accepted the Mission and, so far, almost 30,000 batteries have been recycled! Earth Ranger Corbett collected 150 batteries and took them to the local depot in his community. "When I heard what happens to batteries when we just throw them out, I wanted to collect batteries so we can stop them from going into landfills and hurting the earth."

The most recent Earth Rangers Mission is For the Birds, providing kids with an easy way to make a difference right in their own backyard by building a bird feeder for their feathered friends. Birds turn food into energy at a faster rate than most other animals so are hungry more often and need a continuous supply of food. With harsh winters, cool or wet springs and stormy summers - a little extra food goes a long way.

Other exciting Missions coming soon include a Green Week and a Water Taste Challenge - fun for the whole family! These Missions teach children and their families that small actions, when adopted by many, can have a huge impact. Instructions, tips and tricks and more information about Earth Rangers Missions can be downloaded from

Earth Rangers outreach initiatives are supported by both private sector partners and the Government of Canada, who recently committed $3 million to help expand educational programs to more children and families across the country.

About Earth Rangers: Earth Rangers is the kids' conservation organization, dedicated to educating children and families about biodiversity loss and empowering them to Bring Back the Wild™.  Building on children's natural connection to wildlife, Earth Rangers' focus is to communicate a positive science-based message on the importance of protecting biodiversity and adopting more sustainable behaviours.  Through programs including a children's website,, in school assemblies featuring live Animal Ambassadors, and a family membership program, Earth Rangers is able to reach, inspire and enable millions of Canadians each year to take action to help ensure the lasting survival of species in Canada.

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Image with caption: "Eight-year-old Corbett was inspired to become an Earth Ranger when he learned his actions can make a big difference. Committed to recycling at home and school, he accepted his Battery Blitz Mission and with help from his parents he recycled 150 batteries! (CNW Group/Earth Rangers)". Image available at:

Image with caption: "Earth Ranger Max got his family, friends and teachers involved in his Battery Blitz Mission and recycled over 300 batteries! He is now making plans to participate in the For the Birds Mission. This inspiring six-year-old is eager to do his part to help save animals. (CNW Group/Earth Rangers)". Image available at:

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