East Bay Father and Son Give Each Other Peace of Mind for Father's Day with SafeinHome 'Aging in Place' System

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WALNUT CREEK, Calif., June 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- East Bay resident Justin Pickering will give his dad the gift of a Giants home game when they play the Colorado Rockies at AT&T Park day. Justin and his dad, Roger Pickering, share another priceless Father's Day gift – peace of mind for Justin, knowing Roger is safe in his home with the help of a new mobile device-enabled senior safety system called SafeinHome. Pickering's father lost his wife of many years and in his grief became forgetful, causing concern for his 40-year-old son that he might forget to turn off the stove or leave the house without closing the door.

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SafeinHome is a mobile device application for the caregiver with sensors placed unobtrusively in the senior's home that let the family member know if anything is out of the ordinary. These sensors wirelessly transmit activity data through a built-in cellular connection to the caregiver's smartphone or tablet. They track the senior's movements and activity in any room in the house, and securely send alerts to the caregiver's smartphone if something is out of the ordinary, without invading the senior's privacy.

"What I like most about SafeinHome is the web connectivity to my smartphone," the younger Pickering said. "It gives me the ability to know what room is in use, and I can change all of the settings myself. The system is very helpful, especially with the alerts that I get in text messages. If I'm worried about my father, like if he's not answering the phone, I can check and see where he is and if his patterns have changed."

According to the AARP, the number of family members with eldercare responsibilities is on the rise. Nearly seven in ten (68 percent) caregivers report having to make work accommodations because of caregiving. SafeinHome makes it possible for seniors to age at home and assures caregivers that their loved ones are safe and ambulatory without having to physically check in on them all the time.

The SafeinHome system monitors motion, doors opening and closing, the stove left on unattended, room temperature, pillbox usage and more. It sends alerts in real time that tell the caregiver if a parent has slept later than usual or if there is no motion during daytime hours when the senior is at home. The caregiver can check in to make sure everything is alright or if the senior is regularly visiting the kitchen, which is an indication of eating.

With SafeinHome, seniors do not need to wear a device, press a button, or make a phone call -- an important feature for individuals who are reluctant to bother others with their needs. It is the only product in the aging in place market that doesn't require the senior to do anything to transmit an alert to the adult child. For more information call (855) is Mom OK (855-476-6665) or visit www.safeinhome.com.

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