East-West Property Advisors Connects U.S. Real Estate Agents with Prospective Chinese Buyers

Company knows attracting the interest of Chinese buyers is a courtship that begins long before buyers board flights for the U.S.

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HONG KONG, July 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chinese real estate buyers are flocking to the US. Based on a report published recently by National Association of Realtors, Chinese are the fastest growing segment of all international buyers of US real estate. Sales from Chinese buyers rose to $22 billion in the 12 months prior to March 2014, up from $12.8 billion the previous year.

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As such, many real estate agents in the US are wondering how to attract the attention of these Chinese buyers before they arrive in the US. Many of the agents wish that they could speak and write Mandarin, and some are even hoping to open their own office in China itself.

East-West Property Advisors ("EWPA") has found the answers to these questions. The firm acts as an outsourced service center in China for US real estate agents. Their online platform (www.USARealEstateOnline.com) connects US agents with prospective Chinese buyers. However, rather than just being another online portal, the EWPA team in China interacts with these Chinese clients and provides them with insights on the US real estate market long before the Chinese prospective buyer even thinks about boarding a flight to the US. Being based in China, the EWPA team discusses the clients' needs in the local language and then coordinates the details with the agents based in the US. The major benefit for the US real estate agent: 75% of the Chinese clients referred by EWPA will purchase a property when they arrive in the US.

EWPA, with offices in China, has been advising hundreds of clients who are interested in buying real estate in the US. Potential buyers can then decide to travel to the US in order to view properties. The firm will have local agents meet these prospects, have them show properties, and negotiate the best deals. Overall, it is a unique one-stop solution for the Chinese to buy US real estate. Client Ms. Zhu from Beijing says "EWPA is very professional and trustworthy, they always provide better service than you can imagine." Real estate agents in the US who are already using the service indicate the ease of working with EWPA, their professionalism, and the coordination of clients across different time zones.

In order to start taking advantage of the service, US real estate agents can easily list their properties. Listings will be professionally translated into Simplified Chinese. US agents who prefer to connect even more directly to Chinese buyers can decide to set up their own virtual office in China by using EPWA.

About East-West Property Advisors –

East-West Property Advisors Limited ("EWPA"), with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong, is providing a one-stop service for Chinese buying real estate in the US. EWPA is committed to help connect Chinese prospects with US agents. For more information, visit www.USARealEstateOnline.com, or contact Elisa Qiu at +852 2165 4112.


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