Engineers Rank Company Websites and Focused Job Sites as Top Resources When Searching for Employment, According to Survey

Survey shows HR professionals likely to use other methods to find engineers

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When it comes to recruiting, human resource professionals often are challenged to find qualified engineers to fill job vacancies in their organizations, according to the 2014 HR Professionals Engineer Hiring Survey of North American human resource professionals. Download the survey results at

Nearly three-fourths of survey respondents stated that engineering jobs are the most challenging position to fill. The level of difficulty is magnified for certain disciplines, specifically mechanical and electrical engineers which respondents stated were the toughest openings to fill.

In an effort to find qualified engineers, human resource professionals are turning to a variety of traditional and new channels to reach candidates. According to the survey, LinkedIn (at 75 percent) ranked as the number one method human resource professionals are likely to use to find engineers in 2014. The social networking site ranked slightly above employee referrals (74 percent) as the most likely used method to connect with potential engineering hires this year.

At the same time, engineers rated other channels to be more useful as primary methods of looking for jobs, according to a separate survey of engineers: the 2014 Engineer Jobs Trends Survey. (, the leading engineer job site in North America and Canada, conducted both of the blind surveys in February 2014.)

Focus is Fruitful

According to the survey of engineers, an overwhelming majority (69 percent) say focused job seeker websites are either very useful or somewhat useful if they were to look for a new job. Only specific company websites ranked higher at 72 percent.

“For many companies and organizations, finding qualified and experienced engineers is like finding a diamond in the rough – especially as the economy picks up,” said Shane Pike, CEO of “With the task of finding qualified candidates becoming even more difficult, human resources professionals literally need to be on the same page as qualified candidates when they are looking to make sure they connect at that critical, opportune time.”

Show Them the Work/Life Balance

Perhaps surprisingly, an overwhelming majority (91 percent) of engineers responded that work/life balance was very important or somewhat important when considering a new job offer – edging out compensation (90 percent) as the highest rated factor when considering a job offer. Human resources professionals ranked compensation as the top driver at 97 percent; with work/life balance ranking third at 81 percent.

An infographic with findings of the 2014 HR Professionals Engineer Hiring Survey and 2014 Engineer Jobs Trends Survey are available at

About the 2014 Engineer Jobs Trends Survey commissioned a blind survey of North American engineers in February 2014. Respondents to the online survey included a total of 1,816 engineers. Of that group, 28 percent were mechanical engineers, 27 percent were “other,” 21 percent were civil, 12 percent were electrical. Industrial, computer and software engineers rounded out the group of respondents. More than half of the respondents (54 percent) worked in the private sector. Thirty percent of the respondents worked for the public sector, with government and non-profit rounding out the organizational descriptions.

About the 2014 HR Professionals Engineer Hiring Trends Survey commissioned a blind survey of North American human resources professionals in February 2014. More than two-thirds (71 percent) worked in the private sector, with 32 percent of those working in the manufacturing and chemicals sector. Other represented sectors include government, energy and utilities, IT and technology and several more.

About is the leading engineer job site in North America. Working with companies in various vertical markets, helps organizations find talented engineers and IT professionals across various disciplines, including mechanical, industrial, civil, software and electrical. More engineers visit the site to find the right jobs to meet their skill sets and experience. For more information, visit

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