Enhanced Recovery Company: The Truth Behind Debt Collection Complaints


JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwire -07/25/12)- Myths and negative rumors about debt collection companies persist, but according to a recent Forbes article, as well as industry-leading companies like Enhanced Recovery Company, many of these myths and rumors are grossly exaggerated.

In many ways, the debt collection industry gets a bad rap. Certainly, few consumers would say that they look favorably upon amassing debt, and fewer still would say that they derive any pleasure from having that debt collected. Even so, many of the rumors and myths that persist about debt collection companies are negative to the point of hyperbole. A recent Forbes article highlights the fact that while collection agencies receive much in the way of negative publicity, much of this bad press is ill-founded; this report has won the praise of industry-leading firms such as Enhanced Recovery Company.

According to Forbes, there is an oft-cited statistic that the debt collection industry receives more FTC complaints than any other industry. A Freedom of Information Act request, for all debt collection complaints dating to January 2012, reveals that the collection companies do not receive nearly the volume of legitimate consumer complaints that they are often accused of getting. In fact, the majority of the debt collection companies studied received fewer than three complaints within the given span of time.

These findings have won the praise of Enhanced Recovery Company, a Jacksonville, Florida-based firm that has long stood as a leader in the Assets Receivable Management (ARM) industry. Enhanced Recovery Company has responded to the Forbes report with a new statement to the press. "As a leader in the ARM industry, we strive to provide exceptional customer experience to all the consumers we service," confirms the Enhanced Recovery Company press statement. The firm goes on to note that, for companies in any industry, it is simply impossible to please all consumers, all the time. "Due to the nature of the work, we cannot expect to satisfy everyone," continues the company's new press statement.

The Enhanced Recovery Company press statement goes on to emphasize the sheer volume of work the firm has done, including the work done within the time specified in the Forbes report. "In the first quarter of 2012, we managed a portfolio of 19 million accounts, made over 150 million calls and sent over 2 million letters," notes the company. "We feel that the number of complaints received was well within an acceptable range of 0.0003 percent of our active inventory."

Enhanced Recovery Company concludes its press statement by noting the gravity of consumer complaints, and the importance of a thorough response. "Despite this, every complaint received is investigated fully by our risk management team," the statement says. "Additionally, we have a quality assurance team that monitors consumer contact on a daily basis to ensure that behaviors that would lead to a poor customer experience are identified and addressed through coaching and development."


Enhanced Recovery Company is an Accounts Receivable Management/Collection Agency that has emerged as a truly pioneering company within its field, and a leader in the ARM industry. With its corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, combined with two other branch offices in Orange Park, Florida and Waycross, Georgia, Enhanced Recovery Company employs over 900 people and is diverse across numerous asset classes and account types. The firm is led by a group of seasoned executives who bring exhaustive industry experience to create a collection agency that stands out for its focus on service and client satisfaction.

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