Expands Its Car Title Loan Services in California


LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - Jul 22, 2013) -, a leading provider of car title loans and automobile pawn loans, has recently expanded its service area to cover nearly every corner of the California market. has been providing car title loans for years -- aimed at meeting the needs of borrowers across the nation who may otherwise find themselves underserved by banks and credit unions. With approximately one out of every eight American residents calling California their home, the need for expanded servicing on the West Coast is immediate.

Significant In-State Presence - California residents now have over 20 agent-offices to choose from, providing same day service and rapid response to any locale within the California border. Offices are located in most major metropolitan areas, but can also be found in lesser-populated parts of the state. This ensures that California residents in all areas have access to mobile agents and a dedicated service team to help them through the loan process. For those residents who live near the California/Oregon border, has offices near Sonoma, Sacramento, and Yuba City. Those that inhabit the central valley will benefit from both a Fresno and Downtown-Fresno location. Fresno tends to be an underserved area in terms of lending opportunities, so these two offices can help by deploying mobile loan agents within minutes. Those that live in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas of California will find a large network of offices to provide loan application assistance, as well as loan servicing after initial funding occurs. San Diego residents will find has a significant presence all the way down to the Mexican border.

Car Title Loans Help Borrowers Find Financial Success - The emergence of car title loans in California will help to ensure that those who may have been underserved in terms of lending opportunities in the past have access to affordable and responsible financial tools going forward. Car title loans help those with bad credit or limited credit achieve their short to medium term financial goals. These loans achieve this by allowing the borrower to forgo the normal bank or credit union loan application process and apply directly online. Once an application is complete, a loan agent will contact the prospective borrower to schedule an in-person vehicle inspection and appraisal. The inspection and appraisal serves to accomplish a few key items. First, it ensures that the vehicle that the borrower wishes to pledge as collateral is in acceptable condition and can be used as a security instrument for the loan. Second, it enables to formulate a dollar amount that can be borrowed against the car. This amount varies based on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, as well as the overall condition. For those borrowers who owe a small amount on the vehicle, a lower loan amount will be offered -- but having a balance on the car by no means precludes a borrower from qualifying for a title loan.

About - With a coast-to-coast network of offices ready to assist prospective borrowers with their unique lending needs, offers car title loans and title pawns to customers who possess vehicles that are paid off or nearly paid off. works with customers who may have troubled credit profiles, have been turned down by lenders in the past, and are seeking the ability to secure cash quickly -- all while keeping the vehicle that they need to get to work, school, or play! strives to offer responsible and custom-tailored loans that will meet the lending needs of the client and offer affordable repayment plans. currently serves clients in states as diverse as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and California.

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