Excelsior Medical to Host Innovative Job Promotion Event for Military Veterans

Program Will Educate Veterans about Career Opportunities in Medical Technology and Biotechnology

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Marine veteran Kevin Callahan was growing desperate. After he took medical retirement from the Corps following a training injury, Callahan searched fervently for a good civilian job. But he came up empty. With no other options, he moved from one part-time job to another, rarely making enough to cover his basic expenses.

“I was burning through my G.I. bill just to pay rent, and I was swamped in credit card debt from trying to feed and clothe my two-year old daughter and myself,” Callahan recalled. “I had leadership experience and all the intangibles you get from five years in the military, including attention to detail and a willingness to work really hard. But I had nowhere to put them to use.”

Then a fortunate series of events led him to a job opening at Excelsior Medical, a Neptune, N.J., medical device company. Within a week, Callahan was hired as a packaging supervisor -- as part of Excelsior’s initiative to bring military veterans into its workforce.

Callahan will soon be helping other veterans to make the same kind of life-changing career move, at a time when New Jersey has the highest unemployment rate among veterans. He will be one of several featured speakers at the upcoming MedTech and BioTech Veterans (MVP) Program, to be held at Excelsior’s facilities in Neptune.

The former Marine will also be helping to mentor other veterans during the Tuesday, May 13 event, which is part of MVP’s national campaign to match qualified veterans with jobs in the medical technology and biotechnology industries.

“I want to help other vets feel the way I do now,” Callahan said. “I’m working with high-caliber people, developing as a supervisor and manager, and learning interesting new things every day. I loved being a Marine and I love my life again.”

Excelsior Medical is known for its innovative IV catheter maintenance products that are designed to improve patient care while also saving healthcare costs.

“Our company is a perfect fit for veterans like Kevin and vice versa,” said Lynette Bowman, Excelsior’s vice president, human resources. “For us, promoting the hiring of veterans is a way to recruit highly motivated, skilled employees while also giving back to those who have served our country.”

The event at Excelsior is being organized in cooperation with the national MVP program, which is based in Carlsbad, Calif. and headed by CEO Mike Grice, a retired lieutenant colonel who served the Marines for 27 years, including leading combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Veterans are people who want to be associated with something bigger than themselves,” said Grice. “They also like learning. That’s why they joined the military and why the medical technology and biotechnology fields appeal to them. Even if they don’t have a medical or biology background, they can work in the manufacturing of life sciences products and have a very satisfying, stimulating career.” For more about MVP, see www.mvpvets.org.

The May 13 event at Excelsior will be held from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 1933 Heck Ave. in Neptune, NJ, and will include:

* An overview of Excelsior Medical

* An overview of the medical technology and biotechnology industries, including career opportunities

* Mentoring and small-group sessions with Kevin Callahan

* Panel on the medical device industry

* Working groups on resume writing, digital networking, in-person networking, and interview skills

* Information about how to stay connected with MVP

“Veterans are people who want to make a difference,” Excelsior CEO Steve Thornton said. “That doesn’t stop when they leave the military. Our gratitude to them shouldn’t stop then, either. We are very pleased to be part of this innovative effort to bring more veterans into the civilian workforce.”

About Excelsior Medical Corp.

Excelsior Medical is a privately held medical device company with a primary focus on innovative IV catheter maintenance products that may reduce infection, medication errors and healthcare costs. The company manufactures and sells SwabCap and SwabFlush for the disinfection and protection of IV needleless connectors. Formed in 1989, Excelsior also manufactures and sells prefilled saline flush syringes, prefilled heparin flush and lock syringes, and syringe pump systems. For more about Excelsior, call 800-487-4276 or access www.excelsiormedical.com.

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