Exelis C4i provides comprehensive communications system to leading oil and gas company

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Exelis C4i, a business unit of Exelis Inc. (NYSE: XLS), has been selected by Woodside Energy Ltd to implement a site-wide communications system at the Karratha Gas Plant (KGP), affirming the suitability of the system for the oil and gas industry.

The Exelis C4i communications system, called SwitchplusIP, will be operational at KGP for 10 years. Located in Western Australia, KGP is one of the most advanced integrated gas production systems in the world. Woodside operates KGP’s facilities as part of the North West Shelf Project, which constitutes Australia’s largest oil and gas resource development and accounts for more than 40 percent of Australia’s oil and gas production.

With mobile and distributed workforce focused on increased productivity, safety and security, SwitchplusIP allows KGP site workers and control room operators to seamlessly communicate using a variety of technologies. The Exelis C4i system consists of core equipment at KGP’s technical office and radio interfacing equipment at its technical office, central control room and security gatehouse.

“Our system is ideally suited to the resources sector because it enables safety improvements and cost reductions for complex worksites,” said Peter Harrison, managing director for the Exelis C4i business. “We see opportunities for growth in this market as our technology allows for the future migration to digital radio technologies and the ongoing integration of newer, more mobile applications. As a leading provider of critical network solutions to customers around the world, our goal is to provide a technology that improves workflow efficiencies, security and safety.”

SwitchplusIP can be mobile or land-based and uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to integrate legacy and modern equipment. The system is fault tolerant and has network redundancy to ensure high availability, minimum downtime and rapid access to vital tactical communication assets at all times.

Exelis C4i is based in Melbourne, Australia, and provides advanced communications software that supports mission-critical communications for a range of applications including air traffic management, defense, public safety, mining and homeland security. C4i Pty. Ltd. was acquired by Exelis in January 2013.

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