Experts at HR Comp Shine Spotlight on Multi-Faceted Human Resources Professionals

HR Comp Explains That, Due to the Diverse Nature of the Field, Human Resources Professionals Must Have Knowledge of Many Different Topics in Order to Effectively Carry Out Their Responsibilities


POWELL, TN--(Marketwire - Mar 18, 2013) - HR Comp explains in a recent press statement that the responsibilities held by human resources professionals are exceptionally diverse and important to the overall wellbeing of a company. The representative who issued the press statement sheds light on the vast amount of knowledge that these professionals must hold and was moved to speak out on this subject by a recently published article released by Chron.

According to the article, "Human resources professionals wear many hats, and even the smallest of companies needs at least one person to handle employee recruitment and retention activities. And with recent legislative changes including health-care reform, HR professionals are busier and in-demand now more than ever."

"Human resources can certainly be a lot to handle for small and mid-sized companies," explains a representative from HR Comp. "This is especially true with the burdensome requirements of healthcare reform quickly coming up over the horizon. For instance, thousands of pages of rules and regulations pertaining to healthcare reform have already been published, with more being released every month."

But healthcare is not the only issue on the minds of HR professionals. The article goes on to explain: "While the responsibilities of an HR professional vary with company size, the duties in this field include recruiting, benefits, compensation, employee relations, safety, information management and company culture/recognition. HR generalists typically handle a wide range of duties while an HR specialist, most often employed by bigger companies, typically focuses on one area of the field such as workforce planning, HR development, risk management or employee and labor relations."

Due to the varied nature of HR tasks, HR Comp reports that an increasingly large number of companies are opting to outsource these responsibilities to organizations that provide a wide range of services. Professional employer organizations, or PEOs, are capable of taking on payroll, benefits administration, staffing, and more to alleviate the responsibilities that are directly held by a company's employees. By outsourcing these tasks, business owners are able to improve the efficiency of their workflow while relying upon experienced professionals without having to add to their payroll. HR Comp encourages a business owners interested in learning more about such outsourcing options to do so.


HR Comp, located in Powell, Tennessee, is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides its clients with logistic solutions varying from human resources administration to employee management. The offerings that the specialists at this company provide include: employee risk management, direct deposit, tax forms, safety inspections, compliance, time and attendance, staffing, payroll, insurance coverage, Web-based scheduling, drug testing, audits, file maintenance, safety training, and more. The professionals at HR Comp are capable of assessing and addressing the needs of small to medium businesses and are dedicated to successfully integrating their solutions with client organizations. 

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