Experts Publish Report Forecasting Best Future Real Estate Investments in New Construction

Author and real estate investment mentor, Josh Caldwell, reveals the hot new investment opportunity for today through 2015 and beyond. The brand new downloadable report is available for free and helps real estate investors discover and profit from a secret niche that can earn up to 30% return on their investment.

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HALLANDALE, Fla., Sept. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Despite the volatility of an up today and down tomorrow economy, real estate has historically been considered the safest investment one can make.  Even so, todays informed investor knows real estate has just as many pitfalls as any other investment. 

Currently, many financiers and investors are becoming bullish towards investing in real estate for the first time since the Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2012.  The crisis was due largely in part to the bursting of real estate bubbles around the world that began with the real estate boom in the early 2000s.

The bursting bubbles aftermath has left tight credit and caused over-cautiousness in the investment community.  As a result, banks and investors are paying closer attention to trends and forecasts before putting money into any particular type of real estate.

Seeking answers to share with our readers, we decided to see what the experts are saying will be the smartest investments through 2015 and beyond.

Highly acclaimed real estate investment mentor and author, Josh Caldwell, was the top of our list to contact.  Josh is president of his local REIA and invests in the Pittsburgh real estate market. He buys and sells residential, as well as commercial property, rehabs high-end houses and partners.

Alan W. Howell, President of The Forever House USA, LLC and Co-author of the Report said, "With just a small down payment of 5%, both amateur and expert investors are able to participate in returns of up to 20% or more in as little as 5 months' time."

Alan told us he has worked with Josh and other real estate professionals to define this strategy prior to Forever House agreeing to author this report revealing the ins and outs of what they call the "Five Keys to Success".  The Title of the Report is "Discover Proven Opportunities in Residential RE Investing".

If you are interested in learning new ways to grow your real estate investments, or if you are contemplating your very first real estate investment, you will want to download this free report.  You will discover opportunities for entrepreneurs of all experience levels.  The report is available as a free download for a limited time. Naturally, both Josh and The Forever House are available to privately coach anyone who wants help in making a wise investment decision.

The short report is only three pages long, yet is jam packed with powerful content every smart investor needs to know.  This truly is a must read, as it reveals a little known method savvy investors have been using for years to quietly sock away cash year after year.  

This is great news, especially for millennial investors who are jumping onto this method in droves. Part of their excitement is because the method takes advantage of new and innovative technology to make sure the investment properties are affordable, safe and environmentally green. Add to that the low entry cost coupled with a high ROI and this becomes the ideal investment for every investor.  Whether they are flippers, holders, cash-flow, rehabbers, hard money, empire builders or something in between, this is how wealth in the next 5 years will be created.

The report has its own website where anyone may go to get the free download.  We strongly recommend you get this book right now by visiting:

About Josh Caldwell

Josh Caldwell is a nationally known author and real estate expert. Josh is the President of the Pittsburgh Real Estate Investors Association (REIA) and is also the Managing Director of the American Real Estate Investors Academy.

The mission of the Pittsburgh REIA is to offer educational opportunities, provide networking events, and help promote business relationships for those passionate about investing in Western Pennsylvania. For more details or to join visit their website: or twitter: @PittsburgREIA

About Forever House USA, LLC

Forever House USA is a new construction technology and property development firm based out of Hallandale, FL.   They have an innovative process for new construction using a revolutionary process combining steel, autoclave aerated concrete cladding and more.  As a result, their new homes are much more affordable, safer, greener, more efficient and more resilient than traditional construction methods. 

The Forever House works heavily with real estate investors and lenders to create bespoke programs to minimize capital outlay and maximize return on investment.  You can learn more by visiting their website:

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