Extole Launches Partner Program with Leading CRM, Email Marketing, Social, and Mobile Companies Including Demandware, Adobe, and Marketo


Extole, the leading referral marketing platform, today announced the launch of its official partner program with ten industry-leading marketing technology providers: Adobe, Branch Metrics, Bounce Exchange, Demandware, Ensighten, Marketo, Optimizely, Tealium, Vibes, and Yozio. Companies spanning retail, consumer, and financial services will now be able to further benefit, at scale, from optimized customer acquisition made possible by Extole’s referral marketing platform, available across mobile platforms, the web, email, and offline.

“Marketers realize that referral marketing is brand enhancing, not brand degrading. With that realization comes the knowledge for many brands that they’re behind on the refer-a-friend opportunity. With today’s partner program launch, we’re putting a stake in the ground that referral marketing must be an integrated part of the entire marketing stack, and we’re making it as easy as possible,” said Matt Roche, CEO, Extole. “We know that referred customers are fundamentally better customers. And they’re three times as likely to refer in another new customer, making them an extremely powerful acquisition engine. By reducing the friction of running a sophisticated referral marketing program with today’s partner program launch, we’re excited to see more brands take advantage of the revenue-generating, brand-enhancing opportunity represented by everyday advocacy.”

Extole’s partner program helps companies to fully realize the strategic value of a referral marketing program and ensure it’s an integrated part of their holistic marketing strategy. These partnership ensure that referrals receive proper attribution and are tracked through every stage of the sales cycle; that the programs deliver a high-performance omnichannel experience for consumers; that they’re integrated with agile, scalable ecommerce platforms; and that the messages and creative copy are compelling for advocates and their friends.

“Referral marketing is an opportunity for retailers and brands to build stronger relationships with their customers,” said Tom Griffin, senior vice president of corporate development, Demandware. “Partnering with Extole opens a new set of advocate marketing possibilities to the Demandware client base.”

About Extole
Extole helps marketers acquire more customers and better customers at scale with its referral marketing platform. With Extole’s turnkey SaaS platform, marketers create a complete, efficient, and reliable acquisition channel by encouraging their customers to refer new customers on site, in app, and offline. Focused on creating the most advocates from existing customers, Extole powers refer-a-friend programs for Vistaprint, Advance Auto Parts, Lands’ End, Petco, Shutterfly, Sears and more.

To learn more, visit www.extole.com.

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