Factbox: Chinese army officers charged with hacking into U.S. companies


(Reuters) - A U.S. grand jury indicted five Chinese military officers on cyber spying charges. The indictment unsealed on Monday said they worked for the People Liberation Army's Unit 61398, a signals intelligence group known by Western cybersecurity researchers as APT1.

The following is a list of names and aliases of the accused and some of the allegations against them:

- Wang Dong, aka UglyGorilla or Jack Wang: Accused of hacking into U.S. Steel Corp at time it was in litigation with Chinese steel firms.

- Sun Kailiang, aka Jack Sun: Accused of stealing nuclear power plant designs from Westinghouse Electric Co when the firm was in negotiations over construction of four plants in China.

- Wen Xinyu, aka WinXYHappy: Accused of hacking into the network of a subsidiary of SolarWorld AG with at least one other hacker and stealing information on finances, production capacity, cost structure and business strategy.

- Huang Zhenyu: Accused of managing hacking infrastructure and creating a secret database for an unnamed state-owned steelmaker that held intelligence about competitors.

- Gu Chunhui, aka KandyGoo: Accused of managing hacking infrastructure and also testing spear phishing messages used to infect PCs.

(Reporting by Jim Finkle; Editing by Grant McCool)

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