FamDoo LLC Announces New And Improved FamDoo Including Complete Android Interface, Free Use Of FamDoo Platform, Reduced Flat-Rate Fee And New Features, Content

New and Improved FamDoo Helps Families Get Organized, Motivates Kids to Do Chores and Activities Parents Desire -- Just in Time for the Less-Structured Summer Season

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MINNEAPOLIS, May 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- FamDoo LLC announced today the immediate availability of version 2.0 of FamDoo®, The Modern Allowance™, which now includes exciting new content and features – such as new financial literacy content -- support of Android mobile devices, free-anytime use of the family organizational tool, as well as reduced fees for families that purchase FamDoo points to pay allowance to their kids.

FamDoo allows parents to award points to their kids for completing tasks such as chores, educational modules and activities to help gain awareness of social issues such as bullying.   This is all done via the web, a smartphone or a tablet with the touch of a button.  

"Our latest platform release is just in time for summer scheduling so that families can utilize FamDoo to help organize their households and motivate and reward kids to do activities parents desire," said Mark Lacek, Co-Founder and CEO of FamDoo LLC.  "We know rewards work and FamDoo can help parents be better parents.  Since our launch about three months ago, we have garnered valuable user feedback, which we have applied to improve the tool, making it even more equipped to take on any family's busy lifestyle and needs."

Lacek indicated that there are thousands of families now using FamDoo, reaping the benefits the tool has to offer in helping parents develop life-ready, well-rounded kids. 

"In addition to the great feedback that helped us improve FamDoo, we are also hearing directly from FamDoo families that kids are achieving, being consistently rewarded and having fun and parents are not nagging – now that's family nirvana!" said Susan Lacek, Co-Founder of FamDoo.   "We designed FamDoo with a desire to specifically help parents stop 'nagging,' which is freeing them up for richer conversations with their kids."

New and improved FamDoo now includes:

  • Android Support. First launched for iOS devices and available from any computer via its website, FamDoo now supports all Android mobile devices. Android users can download the app using the Google PlayTM Store App.
  • Free anytime usage. Initially launched with a 10-day limited free trial offer, FamDoo is now free anytime. The free version allows parents to assign and reward tasks and to unlock other great features like messaging and photo upload by giving COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998) parental verification with $1 charge to a credit card.
  • Flexible point purchase options. For the scores of families that pay allowance with FamDoo, convenient allowance point purchase options are now available. Parents can purchase points in 1,000, 2,500, 4,000, 5,000 increments and any custom amount anytime they wish.
  • More affordable. Similar to ATM fees, there is now only a $2 flat-rate transaction fee when you purchase FamDoo allowance points in any amount.
  • New Feature: Family Rewards. Many families said they wanted FamDoo to have custom rewards such as screen time, treats, sleepovers and other special activities, as a reward option. Now families can choose any custom family rewards that work for them.
  • New Content: Financial Literacy. You'll find new, enriching activities in FamDoo's "Be" content area. These new tasks include activities aimed at helping kids understand what it means to "live within one's means." Included are activities to help kids learn how to make smart money decisions, assess wants vs. needs, track spending habits, investigate how to earn an income, explore their passions and start thinking about their "Dream Job." Each task includes offline activities such as creating a spending journal, which can ignite a conversation between parents and kids.

FamDoo is a patent-pending technology platform that integrates a rewards model with mobile technologies, rich content and functionality like messaging specifically geared toward families.  FamDoo is similar to a frequent flyer program for adults.  It allows kids to earn points for doing the right things; FamDoo points are awarded via the web or a mobile device and kids can save, spend or donate their points. 

To use FamDoo as an allowance payment tool, points are funded by a parent's credit card on a pay-as-you-go basis with no monthly fees or minimum commitments. Through a unique collaboration between U.S. Bank and FamDoo, U.S. Bank FlexPerks card holders can use their FlexPoints to fund FamDoo points – a unique way to use stockpiled rewards points to benefit your family.

Earned points can be redeemed by kids for real rewards at a range of online retail partners including iTunes®, Target®, Best Buy® and Amazon.com®. Points can also be saved or donated to national charity partners including The Children's Cancer Research Fund, Smile Network International and Faith's Lodge.

About FamDoo & Founders
FamDoo was developed by the family tech start-up, FamDoo, LLC, of Minneapolis.  Co-founded by Susan and Mark Lacek, the company is dedicated to helping build strong well-connected families by applying the tried and true practices from consumer loyalty and rewards programs to today's digital world.  The FamDoo team is staffed with knowledgeable and deeply experienced professionals with expertise in education, parenting methodologies, loyalty marketing, rewards programs, and digital and mobile technologies.  See famdoo.com for more details.

Media: Mardi Larson, 612.928.0202 or mardi@mardilarson.com

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