Family Planning Abroad? You'll Need to Stay on Top of The Costs, Says MediCare International

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The reputation of British businessmen and women is globally renowned, not only for their expertise but also their ethical and transparent approach to the workplace. As a result, Brits abroad make up one of the most important groups of expatriate workers, with significant numbers living and working in all the world's top business centres. Yet typically around 50% of this group of well educated, generally senior level managers will have no international private medical insurance, whilst according to research produced by Mintel, up to 55% may be accompanied by their spouses and families.

For the successful expatriate, starting or adding to a family abroad is likely to be a common occurrence and although having a baby can be one of the most wonderful and rewarding experiences of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful and traumatic times, should complications arise during pregnancy or childbirth. Planning is everything, particular in the case of international health insurance, since the potentially high cost of private maternity care and childbirth support overseas means that expatriate medical insurance is only likely to come into force once a potential mother has been enrolled in an international health insurance plan for a continuous period of 12 months prior to birth. In practice, this means cover needs to be put in place well before falling pregnant.

All costs and treatment incurred which relate to a pregnancy before the end of this 12 month period are excluded from cover and if you are already pregnant before moving overseas you will not be able to buy international medical insurance to cover the costs of your pregnancy.

Assuming a normal pregnancy which runs to term, the cost of giving birth in a private hospital varies considerably, according to Medicare International who, with nearly 30 years experience of supporting expatriates of all nationalities worldwide and clients from 86 nationalities in 114 countries, has considerable experience in this area. A problem-free childbirth in the Middle East would normally be expected to cost around $4,000, whereas in the USA, costs are more likely to start at $15,000. Throw in complications, such as the requirement for a caesarean section and costs can easily rise by $14,000 in many hospitals around the world, says MediCare International. Managing director Debbie Purser cautions would-be mums to think ahead, particularly if they are having their first child. "Whilst for the vast majority, childbirth is a problem free event, for those planning their first child, the research shows that there is a heightened risk, albeit a small one. For this reason, it is particularly important to have appropriate private international medical cover in place early, something we recommend all families do preferably before they leave the UK."

Medicare International's Executive Plus policy offers up to $17,000 cover for normal pregnancies and up to $42,500 for cases where complications arise.  

For details of MediCare's International health insurance plans visit, email or call +44-(0)-20-3418-0470.

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Note to Editors 

MediCare International has been speaking fluent healthcare for nearly 30 years ensuring simple, quick access to the best health facilities for expatriates of all nationalities living or working abroad and protection against the costs of inpatient and outpatient medical treatment. Currently, MediCare International has clients in 114 countries worldwide of 86 different nationalities.

MediCare specialises in designing flexible medical insurance cover backed up with the assurance of 24-hour emergency medical assistance for clients and their families. Help, advice and support are only a telephone call away where trained professionals can authorise treatment/settle bills direct with medical facilities, or arrange medical evacuation when necessary - wherever you are in the world. Most medical bills are refunded within 10 days, making this one of the fastest settlement times in the industry.

MediCare International were one of the first insurers to offer genuine chronic care costs cover, so clients with long term medication costs can rest assured knowing they will be covered.

Cover under group plans is also available to most local nationals. Discounted group rates start with just 3 lives and full medical history disregarded exemptions are available on groups of 10 and over, making Medicare one of the most competitive staff cover providers.

MediCare International Limited is an Appointed Representative of APRIL Medibroker Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office: Minster House, 42 Mincing Lane, London, EC3R 7AE, United Kingdom ∙ Registered in England No7261287.

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