Famous Dave's Selects Intesource to Lower Costs, Improve Efficiency

Major Restaurant Chain Saves on Repair and Maintenance Services With E-sourcing


PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Jun 12, 2014) - After running several successful pilot events, Famous Dave's has agreed to a two-year sourcing partnership with Intesource, the leading e-sourcing provider for restaurants, grocers, and retailers. 

In an effort to lower costs and improve efficiencies across the organization, Famous Dave's launched a series of e-sourcing events in October 2013, targeting both direct and indirect categories. The sourcing events, which included both reverse auctions and requests for quotations (RFQs) included:

  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Gift cards, carriers, and sleeves
  • Uniforms and promotional items
  • Disposables and packaging

"We're focused on driving savings and efficiencies that impact our entire business, help us better serve our customers, and give us a leg up on our competition," said Jeff Abramson, Famous Dave's of America. "Intesource makes it easier for us to quickly and significantly increase our sourcing output and results, and ensure that our supply chain drives our company's success."

Intesource's robust suite of sourcing solutions -- as well as its team of industry experts -- makes e-sourcing faster, easier, and more ingrained in businesses' overall procurement strategies. In addition to securing savings and cost avoidance at an average of 18 percent, Intesource enables restaurants to maximize supply chain value, and ensure that procurement drives improvements throughout the organization.

"In the restaurant industry, your procurement team impacts everything from the quality and costs of your food to the experience you deliver to customers -- and ultimately, your overall success," said Len Kaplan, VP of Sales at Intesource.

To find out more about how Intesource can enhance the value your procurement team drives, visit www.intesource.com.

About Famous Dave's

Famous Dave's of America, Inc. (NASDAQ: DAVE) develops, owns, operates and franchises BBQ restaurants. The company owns 53 locations and franchises 140 additional units in 34 states, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and 1 Canadian Province. Famous Dave's menu features award-winning BBQ and grilled meats, a large selection of salads, side items and sandwiches, and unique desserts. Famous Dave's has won more than 700 awards for everything from "Best Ribs" to "BBQ Sauce" to "Best Cookbook" to "Top Barbeque Restaurant Franchise." For more information, please visit www.famousdaves.com

About Intesource

Companies are caught between two opposing goals: drive cost savings or invest in innovation. Both require people, technology, and expertise in a time when resources -- and the skills and time required to source effectively -- are scarce.

Intesource eliminates operational headaches from the sourcing equation by offering the industry's only enterprise wide, unlimited, full-service e-sourcing package. Intesource's turnkey approach to e-sourcing consistently drives double-digit savings without requiring additional staff or process overhauls -- an approach that saves valuable time and frees up staff to focus on strategic initiatives.

With a history of success in the most challenging sourcing climates, and expertise in both direct and indirect categories, Intesource ensures that buyers are getting the best value every single time. Learn more at www.Intesource.com.

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