Financial Finesse Wins First Place Eddy Award for Corporate Retirement Readiness Programs

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Financial Finesse, the leading provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness programs in the US, announced today it was recognized with the first place 2014 Pension & Investments Eddy Award in the Corporate Retirement Readiness category for the effectiveness of its retirement planning programs.

The firm was chosen among hundreds of other applicants based on the comprehensiveness of its education platforms and curriculum; it was the only firm chosen for an Eddy award with a completely unbiased education model.

Judges evaluated the firm’s model through a comprehensive retirement education program that was delivered to employees over the age of 50 at Black Hills, a utilities company based in South Dakota.

The program, designed based on the latest research on behavioral finance, was set up as a three step process to 1) assess employees’ retirement planning gaps, 2) help them develop a personal retirement action plan, and 3) provide ongoing financial coaching to help them implement their plans. Based on before/after assessments and behavioral change surveys completed by program participants, employees improved in all areas of financial planning, with the most significant improvements in saving and investing for retirement. As a result, in less than 12 months, the percentage of employees who reported they were on track to retire jumped from 34% to 47%, with most participants making 4 or more major changes to their finances as a result of the education.

Liz Davidson, CEO and founder of Financial Finesse says the entire company is truly honored to have won the Pension & Investments Eddy award, noting P&I’s long history of leadership in the retirement planning industry.

According to Davidson, there is a major trend towards participants making significant changes to improve their overall financial wellness as well as their retirement preparedness, with employee engagement at an all time high. Davidson adds that Black Hills employees, in particular, were incredibly motivated to take control of their finances and become financially secure. “We delivered the education, but they are the ones who need to take it from there. When I look at all the people who cut expenses even on already limited budgets, paid off debts, and decided to save and invest when it’s so much easier to spend, it’s humbling. They are role models for all of us.”

About Financial Finesse

Financial Finesse is the leading provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness and retirement education programs in the US. The company was founded in 1999 with a single objective: Provide people everywhere with the information and guidance they need to become financially secure and independent.

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