First Person: The 3 Cleaning Products I Splurge On

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According to an article published by CBS Pittsburgh in February 2012, Americans spent $9.7 billion a year on household cleaning supplies.

I try to save as much money as possible on cleaning supplies, so I use common products like vinegar in place of things like stainless steel cleaner. I also save money by using generic cleaners from local dollar stores whenever possible. However, there are some things I splurge on that make the job of cleaning my house a little easier. Here are three cleaning products I splurged on, and how much they cost me.

Vacuum broom

Before my husband and I purchased our first home, we lived in an apartment that had all tile floors. After months of chasing dust bunnies and fighting to get that last little line of dirt into the dust pan, I decided to look for a better solution. What I found was broom vacuum. This nifty little broom vacuums up the dirt as you sweep it, so it makes the job much easier. These broom vacs retail for $80, but I got mine on sale for $55. A traditional broom would have cost me $5 at the most, so I spent an extra $50 for the convenience.

Hand-held steamer

The first time I saw a hand-held steamer on television I told my husband I wanted one. I liked the idea of chemical free cleaning, but the price was an issue for me. However, some time later I spotted one of these at a local big-box store on sale for $40, and had to have it. It makes jobs like cleaning the shower or toilet a breeze, so it was well with the cost. Plus, it will save me money because it cuts out the need for some of the special cleaners I used to buy.

Window cleaner water hose attachment

In 2012 when my husband and I purchased our first home I knew things like general maintenance and lawn care would now be our responsibility; however, I didn't give much thought to the windows. Before moving here, our landlord always cleaned the outside of our windows, so it wasn't a job we had to worry about, but here we have to do it. There are about 20 windows in our house, so it would take quite a while to clean them all by hand. So, I decided to splurge on a water hose attachment made to wash windows. The attachment cost me $15, and a bottle of cleaning solution cost me another $6, so in the end I spent $21 to get started, and I spend another $6 for a bottle of cleaning solution.

All told, I spent $116 on these cleaning products just to make my life easier.

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