First Person: 3 Clothing Items I Will Never Buy Used

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I am always cruising the local thrift stores and yard sales for deals. We try to get out and shop bi-monthly, but that doesn't always work out when you have children. There are certain things I specifically look for when shopping these sales and stores, and clothing is one of them. Being picky about what you will and won't purchase can be beneficial, especially if you are prone to falling into traps by purchasing things that are cheap. I have been bargain shopping for a few years now and I have a list of what I will and will not purchase used in the clothing department. These are the three clothing items I will not buy used and why.


This is just wrong on so many levels. Undergarments, including swimsuits, should never be shared. When we need new undies or socks, I will head to a big box store and purchase new ones. I have seen these items being sold at yard sales and the thrift store. Even if they are "new" with tags on, I still will not purchase them. The whole idea of other people touching my bras and panties makes me cringe. There is not any amount of savings that would sway my decision on this one.


I have a serious lice phobia. Purchasing a used hat would make me cringe and cause some serious upset within my household. You can never be quite sure where the hats have been or who has worn them, but just the thought of those bugs crawling makes me itch. My boyfriend is a huge baseball cap fan. I buy all his hats online from the various sports stores, or from a department store at the mall. I would rather spent a few extra dollars and not have to treat my entire household for creepy crawlers.


There is no real reason for this besides avoiding potential foot fungus and buying something that won't last. There have been a few cute pairs of shoes I have drooled over, including a Coach pair, but I cannot bring myself to spend money on something that won't last. I could easily go and spend the $10 at a big box store and get brand new shoes for my son that will last the same amount of time. It just doesn't make sense to waste money on something that I could get new for the same amount and quality.

I am far from a retail snob, but these are the three things I cannot bring myself to purchase used clothing-wise. I will be the first to brag about the new Coach purse I scored or the great maternity clothes I found, but there are just certain things that should not be recycled, and these things fit into that category.

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