First Person: 3 Easy Ways I Cut My Grocery Bill

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The older I get, the more I realize every dollar matters and wasting even a penny could be devastating. When I give in to my reasoning that this one dollar candy bar won't break the bank, I begin to see that the candy bar grabbed my dollar more times than I thought. This made me take a necessary look at my receipts and cabinets, and unfortunately I found a lot of wasted money. So here is how I have lowered my grocery bill significantly.

Special treats

I am realizing that no matter how much money you have to spend at a given time, it doesn't mean that you should allow yourself to. If I can afford 30 candy bars a month, then great, but I don't need to spend the money on them because I have it. That money needs to go to things that I could need in the future like a retirement fund, or emergency fund. For that reason, I really began adding up the "special treats" that were happening in my household. My daughter knew the term well, and would get me quite frequently with it. She would insist that she needed a "special" chocolate milk box even though I had just given her some milk at home. And that would encourage me to grab a special treat for myself as well. After looking at the damage this was doing to my grocery bill each month, I have become very strict about treats. We don't pick up the pop-tarts for breakfast since we have a box of cream-of-wheat at home that only costs sixteen cents per serving compared to the thirty cents per serving the unhealthy pop-tarts cost me.

Serving size

Saving money can really be fun when it leads to me looking and feeling my best, and only eating the serving size of a product has done all of those things! I am not overeating at each meal now. Instead, I am cooking serving sizes so I know that my daughter and I are getting the proper nutrition, and we are throwing much less down the drain. What was once one meal is now closer to three. That alone has helped me cut my grocery bill tremendously.

Look for discounts

I'll admit I have been a money waster with all the coupons that are expired in my kitchen drawer. Some of them are $5 off of $30 spent on groceries. This is unacceptable, so because I always forget coupons, I have made a special spot in my purse for them. They are always with me, so if I make an unplanned trip to the grocery store, I have them. I also make myself look through them before I go to the store to see what I could use. On top of that, I have free rewards cards to all the grocery stores and I use their online discounts. Look into your local grocery stores online presence. One of my local chains, Dominick's, offers deep discounts for going online and putting the discounts I would use in store, into my account. Then when I go to the register and use my card, I get the online price that is dollars cheaper for many items like milk.

Following these simple money saving tips will keep your grocery bill down and your bank account in better shape. The hardest part is saying no to snacks and unplanned purchases.


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