First Person: 3 Gardening Essentials I Splurge On

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In 2010, the National Gardening Association conducted a survey and found that the number of do-it-yourself gardening households had increase by 2 million. It also found that the amount of money each household spent on lawn and gardening decreased by $81 from $444 to $363 a year.

As new homeowners my husband and I are just starting out in the lawn and gardening department, and we are going DIY all the way. Over the past year I have learned some of the ins and outs of gardening (though I'm not very good at it), and I have found some must have gardening tools that I can't live without even though they cost much more than I would like to spend.

Here are three gardening essentials I splurge on, and what they cost me.


There are so many different brands of gardening gloves on the market that it can be hard to choose the right pair. Last spring I went through three pairs of cheap $1 gloves before I finally splurged on an expensive pair. My go-to gloves cost me $8 a pair, but they last much longer than the cheaper pairs, so I figure the expense balances itself out.

Foam kneeling pad

Unfortunately, a gardener spends a huge part of their time on the knees, and as I've learned it can be extremely painful. After a few evenings of pain, I decided to look for a solution, and found foam kneeling pads at my local dollar store. The one I originally purchased worked really well, but flatted out too quickly, so I bought a more expensive brand. The kneeling pad I splurged on cost me $10, and I expect it to last at least half of the 2013 gardening season.


You probably don't think of sunblock as a gardening supply, but it is for me. Normally I buy my sunblock from the dollar store for $1, but the brand I get there isn't waterproof, and that's an issue for me when I'm gardening. I can't stand the feeling of being dirty, so I wash my hands, arms, and face quite often, which in turns washes off the sunblock. To combat this issue, I splurge on waterproof sunblock for gardening. My waterproof sunblock cost me around $5 a bottle, which is $4 more than I pay for the dollar store brand.

All told, I spend around $23 on these gardening supplies, which is $19 more than the cheaper supplies I was buying.

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