First Person: 3 Items I Splurge on for Higher Quality

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As much as I love to shop, I know that getting a good deal on my purchases is very important. Every dollar saved not only helps my family stay on budget, but it can also allow me to splurge a little on some of the nicer things I like. Even with my urge to save money there are some things I've found are worth spending extra on because the quality really makes a difference. These are three items I splurge on for to get higher quality.

Bed pillows

I am very picky about my pillows. At this moment there are six pillows on my bed, and I use four of them every night. Over the years I have tried a number of different pillows in all price ranges, and I've found the cheaper ones just aren't worth the money. Last year I sent my husband to the store to buy four new pillows, and when he returned I was shocked to see what he bought. It was clear they were among the cheapest the store had to offer. He spent a total of $40 on the pillows, and just as I suspected they were flat within six months. I replaced them with pillows that cost $20 each for a total of $80, and after being used every night for the last six months, they are still going strong.

Bath towels

As a kid I remember my mom telling me that the more expensive towels were a waste of money. She said that towels are used to dry you after your bath, and the cheap towels do it just as well. I went with this philosophy until I married my husband. We were gifted a great bath set by his co-workers, and I was stunned by how much better they were. Every aspect of those towels were better than the cheap ones I had been using. From then on I vowed to spend the extra money to get higher quality. On average spend about $20 more for a set of four bath towels.

Dog collars

There are so many different dog collars on the market it's hard to know which are good and which aren't worth buying. I have a 6 year-old beagle who has too many collars to count. When she was a puppy, I started off buying the cheapest collars I could to save money; however, I quickly learned I wasn't really saving. The cheaper collars usually have plastic closures that were easy to break, and I've found they fray easily. I can get a collar for $1 at my local pet store, but I always splurge for the nicer ones. On average I spend about $15 per collar, and I have yet to have one break or fray.

I spend around $74 more on these items than I would if I went cheap; however, I save in the long run because I don't have to replace them as often. For me splurging for the sake of higher quality it worth it.

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