First Person: The 3 Luxury Expenses I Refuse to Cut

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I've come to terms with the fact that sacrifices are necessary to keep our family budget in line. I often go over our budget in excruciating detail looking for ways to save money, and most of the time I'm successful. However, even I have my limits. There are some luxuries I refuse to cut, despite the potential savings. Here are three luxury expenses I refuse to cut to save money.

Date night

I have to admit that over the past several months my husband and I have slacked off on our weekly date nights. We were busying paying for Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as a very costly surgery for our dog, so date night was the last thing on our mind. However, date nights are a must-have for us because it helps us reconnect the way everyday life just can't. As a general rule we try to spend no more than $20 per date night, or around $1,040 a year, which is a small price to pay to help keep our marriage healthy.


I've always loved television and movies. As a writer I appreciate the amount of work and creativity that goes into each one. I spent some time avoiding the streaming movie/show applications like Netflix because I didn't think I could justify the cost, but after giving it a try, I was hooked. It has allowed me to watch a television series from the premier to the series finale without missing an episode, and given us access to great movies we wouldn't have ever thought about buying. I spend around $9 a month or $108 a year for this luxury, and have no plans to cancel any time soon.


I'm a very creative person who loves to make things with my hands. For as long as I can remember I've searched for ways to make my ideas come to life, have recently found a new outlet; crocheting. My husband and I spent around $100 purchasing the basic supplies I needed to get started along with some yarn. Now, the only real expense I'm facing is the cost of yarn I will need for various projects I take on along the way. I'm currently spending about $5 a week on yarn, which means I'll spend around $260 a year if the pattern holds.

These luxuries will cost me $1,408 over the course of a year. Admittedly, that is a steep price to pay for things that aren't necessary to live, but I feel it's important for us get enjoyment out of our money. So, unless we stumble into a personal financial crisis, I have no plans to cut these luxuries to save money.

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