First Person: 3 Things I Won't Pay Full Price For

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Like many women I love to shop, and I like to get a good deal on the things I buy. There are some items I would buy no matter what they cost because of their quality; however, there are also items I refuse to pay full price for. That is partly because I'm often shopping with a small budget, and it's partly because I know I can get better deals if I wait for a sale. Here are three things I will never pay full price for again.

Holiday decorations

As a new homeowner, I have a new-found excitement for holidays because I have a much bigger space to decorate. The problem is, holiday decorations can be quite expensive if you buy them when they first hit store shelves. I often struggle to wait to buy things until the holiday passes, and the stores put items on sale because I want the cutest things right away; however, I know waiting could save me as much as 75% on each item. For example, during Christmas of 2012 I saved over $126 on Christmas decorations by waiting until they went on sale.

Winter coats

We don't have to buy new winter coats every year, but when we do they are usually expensive. In fact, I purchased a new coat in the fall 2012 that I paid around $100 for. It was a really high quality coat that retails for $160 without discounts. I knew that winter coats usually go on sale in early fall to clear out last seasons stock, so I waited for the sale to buy my new coat and saved $60.

Cell phones

I'm somewhat of a gadget hoarder. I love to have the latest and greatest gadgets on the market, but that isn't always possible because they are so expensive. Cellular phones are no exception to this trend. Every year someone releases a handset that I think I can't live without until I see the price. Cell phone handsets often cost $300 or more without a service provider discount, which means they are out of my budget. The last phone I purchased would have cost my husband and I $400 if we weren't eligible for a discount through our provider; however, since we waited for the discount we only paid $50 for my phone. That is a total savings of $350 or 87.5%, which is an awesome deal.

All told, I saved $536 on these deals, and after seeing savings like these, I've vowed to never pay full price for these items again.

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