First Person: 3 Ways Dieting Is Causing Me to Spend More

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Before I began dieting in January 2013, I was convinced that eating healthy was too expensive for my family, but I quickly learned that eating healthy actually saves us money on food. However, I did find that there are certain things I'm spending more on now that I've started to lose weight.

Here are three ways dieting is causing me to spend more.


When I was in my late teens and early twenties you would have been hard pressed to see me in the same shirt twice. I was very picky about my clothes, and I spent a lot of money trying to keep up with my personal style. However, as I got older and started to gain more weight I stopped buying clothing. I hated everything about myself, so I didn't care to dress nice. Now that the weight is starting to come off, I feel better about myself and want to look nice again. I went from spending a couple of hundred dollars a year on clothing to spending $200 on shorts alone last month.

Beauty treatments

Once I reached my heaviest weight I pretty much gave up on beauty treatments. Sure, I had my hair cut, but not on a schedule, and I painted my nails when I felt like it. The truth is, I didn't feel pretty and knew no amount of makeup or nail polish would change that. Now that I'm actually able to see my weight loss, I'm once again spending money on beauty treatments. I'm now getting manicures done on a regular basis, having my hair cut every four weeks, and even paying a professional to color my hair. My yearly beauty cost is projected to rise about $800 a year.


I hate to admit it, but my weight had gotten so out of control that it was actually keeping me from doing the things I loved to do. However, my weight loss has boosted both my energy level and my self-confidence enough to get me out and about again. I'm now shopping more often, going to lunch with friends, and much more. I've seen a 50% increase in my entertainment spending over the last few months. Actually, I've had to tweak my entertainment budget and start limiting my spending because I'm out so much now.

While spending more money on these things may seem outrageous, it's really not. I spent a long time not living my life the way I should have, so my monthly expenses were much lower than the average person. My husband and I have eliminated all of our debt with the exception of our mortgage, so we have a little extra to spend to enjoy life.

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