First Person: 3 Ways DIY Saved Me $99 on Christmas Decorations

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There are many costly aspects involved in celebrating Christmas including travel, decorations, food, gifts, and more. Finding a way to afford all of those things without busting our budget or going into debt has been my number one goal this year. One of our biggest expenses has been our Christmas decorations, but luckily I've found some ways to save on those as well. One way I've saved was by taking on some do-it-yourself projects. Here are three ways DIY saved me money on Christmas decorations.

Ribbons and bows

When my husband and I decided to change decoration themes, I knew I wanted to incorporate ribbon garlands and bows. However, when we hit the stores I was shocked to see what some of those items would cost to buy pre-made. One of our local stores sells one medium-sized bow for $6, which is way more than I'm willing to spend. In the end, I used a spool of decorative ribbon I purchased on sale for $2 to make four bows and a large ribbon garland. If I would have bought those five items it would have cost me around $35, so I saved around $33 with this DIY project.

Re-purposing home accessories

My husband and I recently purchased our first home, and much to my delight it has not one, but two fire places that I can decorate. When I started planning my design for the mantel on our main floor, I knew I wanted clear glass decorations to be the star of the show. However, when I started shopping for Christmas related glass pieces, I found that simple pieces were $10 or more. I knew that wasn't in my budget, so I decided to spruce up some of the things I already owned. I ended up using six candle-holders, a vase, and an old candy dish, which saved me around $60.

Re-using old Christmas decorations

After I decided on our glass decorations, I needed to find an inexpensive way to make them stand out. I decided to use old Christmas ball ornaments to on top of the candle-holders and to fill the candy dish, and because we already owned them they didn't cost us a thing. That left me with an empty vase, so I splurged and spent $6 on six stems of golden flowers at the dollar store, and used some left over ribbon in the bottom of the vase to complete the look.

All told, I spent around $8 on these decorations, but that's about $99 less than I would have spent buying them from a store.

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