First Person: 3 Ways I’m Supplementing My Family's Income

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I'm always looking for ways to earn a little bit of pocket change. Making a couple dollars a day really adds up. While you have to be careful about scams, there are many ways to earn money online. Here are three ways I'm making extra cash to supplement my family's income.


The amount of online, paid survey sites is mind boggling. Some survey sites give users points to redeem for rewards. However, the ones I like the most compensate me with cash. Most surveys pay between $3-$5 and are about 20 minutes long. Survey Savvy is one site that often emails me surveys. Sometimes, the surveys are an hour long and pay about $25. For every survey invitation, you must answer screening questions to be selected. I do a lot of the shorter surveys for $1 that only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. By taking part in surveys, I make an extra $16 a month.

Ad Clicking

Ad clicking is a simple way to make money. I click on ads when a have a spare minute or two. Before signing up, you need to be careful to make sure a site is legitimate. Typically, I research the company before giving any personal information. One site I use is The average ad click pays one cent. To get credit, you must stay on the site for the required about of time, usually 30 seconds. I can do this while watching television or stirring something on the stove. This site also has offers and tasks to complete for more money. When I reach $8, I can request a payment through paypal. I make about $16 per month doing this.

Ad Share Revenue

The majority of the writing I do is for upfront and performance payments. However, to make a little extra cash, I also write for sites that pay me a percentage of the ad revenue. In other words, I make money based on how many people click on the ads within my article. Sometimes, it can take a few months to generate residual income. However, for writing a few short articles a week, I make about $15 a month.

These three methods allow me to make close to $50 every month. It may not seem like a lot. However, it pays for a nice dinner out with my husband or new school clothing for the kids. Every little bit helps our family.

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