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I'm always looking for ways to save money, but there are only so many changes I can make to our budget before I run out of cuts to make. However, that doesn't mean I give up on my quest to reduce our spending. I also look for ways to streamline the products we use on a daily basis, and tweak our lifestyle. Here are a few everyday things I'm doing to save money.

Using cloth dust rags

For as long as I can remember I've used paper towels to dust my home. They are very convenient and there is only a little cleanup after; however, their cost does add up, so I decided to use old rags to dust instead. Before making the change to cloth, we were using a $5 six-pack of paper towels every month. After the change, those same six rolls last us nearly two months. That means I'm cutting the cost in half, and saving $30 a year.

Leaving the thermostat at 70 degrees

In 2012 my husband and I purchased our first home, and while we were excited, I was concerned about how high our utility bills would go. However, now that we've lived here for nearly a year I have a better understanding of what our monthly cost are, and wanted to find ways to lower them. We normally keep our thermostat at 72 degrees, but recently lowered it to 70 degrees to see if it would make a difference in our bill. Much to my delight, when we received our statement I saw that our electricity and natural gas bill had fallen by $10. I understand that differing temperatures also plays a part in the lower cost, but it's such a small change, so I'm keeping it. The best part is that if we can keep this up throughout the winter, we will save around $50.

Replacing trash bags with plastic shopping bags

Trash bags are something we use every single day, and even though they aren't very expensive, the cost does add up. At one point we were buying a $10 box of trash bags every two months, which means we were spending around $60 a year. Simply using plastic shopping bags in place of a trash bags when they are available has allowed us to keep a box of trash bags for an addition month. That means we are only using a box every three months instead of two, which reduces the number of boxes we buy from six to four, and saves us $20 a year.

Just changing the way we do these three everyday things could save us as much as $100 a year.

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