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Being new parents is hard, but trying to date on a budget is even harder. We live on a very tight budget where there is very little money leftover for entertainment purposes. After having our second son a few weeks ago, I decided to work in a few dollars for date night once a week. This is how $120 will last us through a month of date nights, and what we plan to do each week.

Movie night

Since we recently moved in with relatives, finding a babysitter is not hard. We have decided that for two out of the four weeks in the month, we will have a movie night. I have arranged to pay a family member to babysit for three hours each night for a cost of $25 per evening. Down the road there is a Redbox stand where we can rent our movies. Each movie costs $1 for a 24-hour rental. Both nights will cost less than the $30 put aside, leaving us with $8 extra dollars towards dates the following month.

Order dinner out

We haven't actually been to a restaurant in quite sometime. There is a little place in town that has fantastic food, but taking two little boys there is not ideal. We plan to place a carry out order and eat together after the kids go to bed. I usually order some sort of pasta dish and he will order steak. We can comfortably eat for $25. The extra $5 can be used for buying a quart of ice cream for desert. It is nice to be able to have a meal together without having to make sure our toddler is behaving and our newborn isn't crying.

Random outing

There isn't a lot of planning that can be done with two little ones. This is the one week we have decided just to go with the flow. If the kids are down early, we may decide to play some video games and order in a pizza, or we could get a sitter and just walk the local antique mall. It is exciting to be spontaneous, and it definitely keeps things interesting.

It will be nice to be able to have some strictly adult time once a week. After crunching numbers, we were able to spend $30 a week on a date night. Hopefully as time goes on, there will be more money available for better dates, but for now this is budget-friendly.

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