First Person: 4 Sites I Use for Metals Investment Information

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I think metals are a great form of investment. They are tangible assets, are often non-sustainable, and can be great hedges against inflation and economic uncertainty. Therefore, I've been making a push lately to learn more about metals and metal investment. In the process, I've come across a few websites that have been particularly helpful in this education. is probably one of my favorite sites to buzz into for quick coin and metal-related information. There is pricing on silver and gold coins as well as currently circulated coins. I also enjoy the links on the site's main page that lead to metal, metal-related, currency, and inflation articles.

I use largely for their charts. I particularly like their "Live Charts" that provide data for trading sources such as the New York Globex and NYMEX. This gives me current pricing for metals such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The site also provides a "Metal Quotes" and "News and Reports" section that I sometimes reference.

I tend to stumble across a variety of wheat pennies in my searches for cool coins with my son. When we find one of these items or just an interesting coin in general, we can stop in at to look up the coin's numismatic value range.

I like this site because not only can I get values on such coins, but I can learn a little bit about their production, production amounts, and similar information. I also like to review their "Most Valuable Coins" page and do a little dreaming about stumbling across one of these little jewels in my pocket change (my version of hitting the lottery). is a site I've just started visiting recently. I like this site since, like, it not only provides me with live metal prices but with the individual coins that are comprised of these metals as well. There are also helpful resources like videos, charts, and an "Inside Info" page that I also find helpful in learning about and making metal investment decisions.

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