First Person: 4 Ways to Find a Job Using Social Media

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In a world where finding employment is a full time job in itself, Social Media can help ease the effort with its many opportunities available for fulfilling this task. Unlike our ancestors, we live in a digital world where information is at our fingertips at the speed of lightning. Anytime we need something, it is within our reach.

Today's jobs are a lot like that too with the help of Social Media.

Before you go door to door searching for employment, check out these four ways that you may already be overlooking without realizing, to find the right job for you.

Previously I joined the already well-known social media network call LinkedIn. I highly suggest if you are looking to hire an employee or need employment to join this website. Not only will this allow you the chance to show off your resume to the online business world but it gives you the opportunity to find employers who are looking for people with qualifications such as yours.

Another way that I have found to connect with others who are seeking employment or employees, is by joining online group discussions such as the ones you may see on social media websites such as the popular website Facebook. Facebook holds many apps for professional networking. For example, you can branch out your professional network by using the CareerBuilder App.

I have found that in my two years experience with working through social media, I have made the most connections through Twitter. This has helped me meet people in which I have made connections to do work as a writer. There are many connections to be made on this website for any type job you may be looking for. If you're looking to do something to work from home, a particular company or other employee, you may be able to connect with them faster through this website.

Look it up, basically do an internet search for a discussion group or forum for the field you are looking to work in. One summer I was educating myself on becoming a flight attendant, and was surprised to find the many websites that exist for those who are looking to train, hire and be hired for this field. I learned quite a bit from being in these discussion groups and was able to even determine that this was not the field I needed to be in during that point in my life.

Employers may even request that you apply online via their company website and may not accept a resume in person until the initial interview. However, you should always make sure to have a resume saved so that you can attach it to any email that you need to send to a potential employer.

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