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There is nothing more frustrating than buying something and having it go on sale one week later. To me, this is a silly way to waste money. I have been known to splurge once in a while. However, in general, I try to be a frugal shopper. Part of being frugal is waiting for items to go on sale. Comparing prices and using coupons are other ways to make sure I get more for my money. Here are five things I never pay full price for.

# 1 Photos

Many drugstores have photo centers. The drugstore near my house frequently offers free pictures. From collage pictures to a free 8 x 10 photograph, most of the pictures I have on display at my house are free. All I do is enter an online code at checkout to receive the free picture. I am a fan of Walgreens on Facebook so it is hard to miss these free codes. I have also seen deals like this at Rite Aid and some online sites like By using these free offers, I save about $3.00 a month on photo fees.

# 2 Diapers

I have a baby who goes through 10 diapers a day. I use coupons for $1.00 and $2.00 off diapers all the time. In addition, I belong to two cash back diaper programs that gets me eight percent back on all of my diaper purchases. This saves me about $20 a month in diaper costs for my son.

# 3 Clothing

When I see an adorable shirt or dress, it's tempting to buy clothing full price. Instead, I try on the item and take note of the style, designer and size. Then, I can look online and compare prices. has a sale alert feature. The site will email you when a favorite item of clothing has gone on sale online. By shopping this way, I save up to 75 percent on clothing.

# 4 Toiletries

I have a lot of free beauty products. I get samples of products and also enter magazine contests. These two methods have allowed me to receive dozens of samples and full-sized beauty products. When I can't get free items, I will buy inexpensive mascara at the drugstore. Looking for coupons are a sure way to save some money on cosmetics.

# 5 Hotels

My family and I like to stay in hotels. However, a nicer hotel usually costs over $100. Using sites like, I can look for deals on hotels. Typically, I save $25-$50 on the room. Using my AAA card is another way to save an average of 10 percent off my total cost.

By buying items on sale and receiving discounts, I can save money for more important things like bills and food.

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