First Person: 6 Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets That Help Me Lose Weight

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Last year, I signed up for a gym membership to shed the pounds. The year before that, I hired a personal trainer to "boot camp" back into shape. Neither of those moves got me into the size 12 I've coveted for so long. Still, like so many others, the New Year offers me a clean slate, another chance to shed the pounds but this year I plan to shrink my waistline and my spending. I'm not committing to an expensive membership or a high-priced fitness cheerleader this year. I'm working another area in my weight loss problem - preparing good foods.

I've thrown out a few things, like my deep fryer, my sugar shaker, the butter I froze because I caught it on sale. Instead I made a $200 investment on kitchen gadgets that I'm convinced will help me lose weight.

I bought a steamer. Yep! I found one at my local Big Lots for $15. I can steam two foods at a time, including brown rice, fresh veggies and chicken or fish. I learned that I could use chicken broth instead of water to steam the food for added flavor. By changing my diet from mostly fried to mostly steamed, I'm sure I'll lose weight.

I bought a set of smaller plates. My hubby loves the platters we have but I've hidden them away. We'll use them at holiday meals. These small plates will help me adjust my portions. I paid $45 for two sets of small plates, one in white and one in red.

I purchased a slow cooker. One big problem our family has is eating on the run. Nobody has time or wants to cook after working all day. With a slow cooker, I can prepare a meal in advance and my kids and myself can avoid eating lard burgers from the local fast food restaurants. I found a quart-size cooker with a neat digital display for $60.

A friend gave me a salad spinner and I love it. When I first saw it, I didn't know what it was. Now, I use it every day! Put your salad in the bowl. Rinse the salad with water. Put the lid on and spin the water off the salad. My kids love using this inexpensive kitchen gadget. Like I said, this was a gift but you can buy one for only $5!

I purchased an immersion blender. I'm a huge fan of Iron Chef America and I've seen these used there a dozen times. They are perfect for thickening a sauce or a soup. I paid $45 for mine but I'm sure you could find one cheaper.

The rest of my $200 budget I spent on spices and seasonings. My action plan is to develop my palate by experiencing new seasonings, eating lighter with steamed foods and putting my new gadgets to work. I'll be a size 12 before bikini season!

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