First Person: 8 Telecommuting Jobs That Can Pay All Your Bills

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Telecommuting jobs might not make you rich, but you can earn enough income to pay your living expenses and then some. It saves money on travel expenses to and cuts down on the need to buy expensive office apparel. You have a more balanced home and work life, thus reducing your stress.

As a freelance writer, I get to work from my home office. I stay out of the rat race. Rather than filling my breaks with a frantic rush for the staff coffee room, I take a few minutes to tend my garden. Nice!

Jobs You Can Do From Home

First off, stay clear of "work at home" scams that promise to make you rich. A real telecommuting job will be offered by a legitimate firm that pays an hourly rate, and sometimes commission as well. Look for jobs that provide the option of working from home.

Bookkeeping. You don't need to be a CPA to handle certain accounting tasks. With a basic bookkeeping background you can maintain accounting software, run payroll and even prepare taxes.

Website Design. Designers and programmers are in high demand. Companies such as Cisco Systems allow employees to meet through video conferencing. If you have skills in this field, you can pick up projects that allow you to stay home.

Transcription. You need to be an accurate and fast typist for this job. Lawyers and doctors use transcription services daily to produce typed documents based on audio and video recordings.

Translation. If you have excellent language skills and speak more than one language fluently, you can make good money. As businesses expand into global markets they need translators.

Public Relations. You can be hired by corporations and nonprofit organizations to implement media campaigns. You'll be required to write press releases, write speeches and carry out social media strategies.

Call Center. Approximately 20 of people employed by call centers work from home, and this is growing. You need to have a great phone manner, but you'll have lots of opportunities.

Computer Support. As technology grows, there is a greater need for tech support personnel to run diagnostics and provide assistance to consumers via the phone and email.

Financial Planner. If you are interested in investing, finances and tax laws, you can offer advice to people over the phone. If you must meet in person, you can do this at your local coffee shop or in the client's home.

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