First Person: I Am Shopping on Thanksgiving

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Each year people get excited for the deals that come with Black Friday shopping. This year things seem to be getting crazy with sales staring as early as Thanksgiving morning. Plenty of shoppers have expressed outrage that stores would be open on a "family holiday," but that hasn't stopped the retailers from advertising super low prices and huge savings. I will be spending Thanksgiving with my family, but I will also be braving the sales in order to score some cheap items. This is why I will be shopping on Thanksgiving and how much money I will be saving.

Why I am shopping on Thanksgiving

For as long as I can remember we have always spent Thanksgiving with family. Because I plan to hit the Black Friday sales this year, we will be eating earlier than normal. Some of the deals begin at 6:00 p.m. and I want to make sure I score the things I need. The potential savings are well worth skipping a traditional sit-down dinner later in the evening, and settling for a brunch-type spread.

My plan

I have mapped out everything I want from each store. Right now there are five stores I have to hit, and they open at various times. I will begin with the closest store, work my way to the farthest, and then return to town for the store that opens at 6:00 a.m. to finish up. There are 27 total items I need, averaging about five "must-haves" per store.

The savings

We have a large family and have to purchase gifts for at least 20 people, not including our kids. Most of the items I am going to pick up are 50 percent off the regular retail price, but a few are much more. After calculating the total pre-Black Friday, I was looking at spending $400. After checking the sales and planning carefully, I estimate to spend around $167, not including tax. That is over a $200 savings, which is almost unheard of on any other occasion.

While the sales start early and have caused my family to alter plans, I am still pretty excited to go and brave the crowds. Several stores offer exclusive deals to their Black Friday shoppers, and I would be a fool not to want to save money. It looks like this year will be the biggest I have had in savings, and for that reason alone I am ready to shop.

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