First Person: I Am Willing to Spend More for Good Customer Service

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When I was a teenager, my first job was in retail. I held on to that job for quite some time and learned the ropes from cashiering to customer service. We were taught that the customers are our number one priority as they helped to write the checks we received. As I have gotten older, I have kept that mindset. I will even pay more for items where I know the customer service is exceptional. These are some examples of where I will pay more for better customer service and why.

Shipping items overseas

I have some very good friends in England. I often send packages to them with various American sweets. I always order online because it is cheaper than shipping from my home. Two years ago I found a site that worked well for me. I had been using at least once a month, until this month. Their checkout for credit cards was not working. I tried for three days to get it to work and then sent an email. The representative was rude and insisted I use a certain method of payment. While that method was available to me, it was not what I intended or wanted to use. I decided to look for another online store that would ship the same items, and I found one. The price to ship the same items was $5 more, but the representative was much more friendly and answered the questions I had. For $5 more a month, I will definitely use the new site.

Clothing stores

I am picky about clothing. I don't like to use fitting rooms to try on items, and I am a bigger girl. I need a store that has a flexible return policy and good customer service. There are two stores I shop at regularly that run $10 more for the clothing I buy, but they have extended return policies. Sometimes there is not enough time in the standard seven days for me to get back to the store. Instead of dealing with chaos and being hassled, I spend the extra money to get the clothes elsewhere.


If a server goes above and beyond during any meal, they will receive a decent tip. I have been know to tip as much as $10 on a $30 bill. It is important to me that our drinks are served promptly, food is warm, and anything we need is brought. If the service is poor, the tip will reflect it. I have even complained to the manager a few times. I will not give my money to a place that is not attentive to its patrons, especially when it is supposed to be a family-oriented establishment.

When dealing with retail and food services, the way customers are treated is highly important. In fact, it will reflect that in how much money the workers or servers make. I am willing to spend at least $5 or more for excellent customer service. It is important that the places where I spend my money are customer-friendly.

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