First Person: Amazon's Same Day Delivery Would Make Financial Sense for Me

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With my family's finances always being on the tight side of things, I am always on the lookout for the best deal no matter what it is I am trying to buy. Now, there are whispers that Amazon will start to offer same day delivery as early as next year. This will be made possible by a vast network of distribution centers being opened up and for me, this will certainly represent a way in which I can save money, in more ways than one.

Save on Product Without the Wait

What Amazon has lacked in the past, at least for me, has been rapid fulfillment time. While I sometimes don't mind waiting a week or so for something I want if I am saving enough money, I still prefer to have the things I want in the same day if possible.

In fact, I have been known to go to a retail store to buy a product simply because I didn't want to wait for an item, even though I had to pay more for that item. Case in point, I recently bought a web cam so that I could Skype with friends and family. Amazon had the web cam for $15 less than my nearest big box retailer, but I would have had to wait two weeks to get it. So, I decided to eat the $15 and drove to the big box retail store so I could have the web cam that night for a Skype encounter with my former college roommate. Had the situation been that I would have saved the $15 and still received my item the same day, then there is no question that I would have gone with Amazon.

Save Time, Which Is Money

The old saying goes, "Time is money." Should the rumor about Amazon offering same day delivery be true then that is yet another reason I will use them. When I have to go to a retail store it represents a chunk of my time to do so. That is time I could be using to make money for my family. Add to that the cost of gasoline, as little as it may be, and the same day shipping from Amazon sounds even better.

Game Changer

Should the rumor become a reality it will be a game changer for me and my family as far as shopping is concerned. I can't imagine ever wanting to take the time to go to a big box retailer only to fight with the masses for an item when I can simply go online and know my item will be on its way to me. While the Amazon same day delivery plan remains to be set into motion, if it is, I will buy everything I can from Amazon as I am always up for saving money.

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