First Person: Avoiding a Foreclosure

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There are many things I wish I had done differently during my foreclosure. There were opportunities and resources that I did not take advantage of that might have helped me find a way out of my house without going through foreclosure or a way to save my house.

Local Resources

Because my home was going through foreclosure during the foreclosure crisis, there were many local resources available to me that I did not take advantage of. I was sent a flyer in the mail from my county offering me a free class on how to avoid foreclosure. I did not go to it or even call the county office to see what resources they could offer me. There was also a HUD-approved foreclosure counseling service in my area that I did not utilize. All I would have needed to do was call them and setup an appointment to speak with someone about my situation. This was also a free resource.

Hiring an Attorney

An attorney that specializes in foreclosure would have been able to advise me on the best course of action for my situation. My foreclosure situation was complicated by divorce so the help of an attorney would have been best so my ex-husband would have had someone to deal with other than me. I think I also would have gotten a better response from my banks if I had an attorney. I also suspect I would have gotten a better deal from my banks and that they would have taken me more seriously. I even had a legal service at the time where I could have hired an attorney at a discounted rate.

More Effective Communication

A lot of my communication with my banks was by phone. This led to a lot of miscommunication and missed phone calls. They said one thing and I heard something else. If I had taken the time to write down the essential points of our conversation, this would have cut down on the communication problems. Most of what I got to sign I ended up calling the banks to ask questions because I was not clear on what exactly I was agreeing to. Writing down the main points of the conversation also would have given me the chance to verify what I was agreeing to before the conversation ended. I also wish I had gotten more information in writing. This also would have helped avoid communication problems with my banks.

Taking these simple steps might have helped me save my home or at the very least avoid foreclosure.

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