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Having a baby is a special event in life. Many first time parents go crazy buying everything they think they will need for the new arrival. With the current state of our economy, it is not sensible to spend ridiculous amounts of money on baby items you will never use. I am getting ready to have another baby in the next few weeks, and these are the items I opted out of buying because I know I will never use them.

Educational DVDs

If you have had a child over the last 10 years, you will have seen the market for this type of DVD soar. "Baby Einstein" is one of the more popular franchises, and the movies can cost around $12 a piece. They are said to help with the stimulation of your infant's brain and assist them in becoming more "genius-like" as they grow up. I owned a few of these with my first child, but I never used them. By avoiding this purchase entirely, I saved myself no less than $36.

Diaper Genie

This was a novel idea, or so I thought. I bought one to the tune of $70 with everything included from refills to all the extra gadgets that can improve your experience. I quickly realized I could have made my own diaper pail, and spent a fraction of the cost. By doing it myself, I am saving $50 upfront and at least $20 a month on refills.

Diaper Bag

I went out and spent close to $40 on a diaper bag that I just knew I had to have. As it turns out, most hospitals provide you with one. The one I got with my son is still the one I use two years later. The other one started fraying and falling apart after only a few months of use. I could have easily saved that $40 and used it to buy other things the baby would definitely need and use.

Expensive shoes

During the first eight months or so, your child doesn't really need to wear those Jordans or Nikes that were bought for them. In the beginning, shoes are just another accessory. Save your money for decent walking shoes when your child begins toddling around the table. I spent $35 on a pair of baby shoes once. I will never do it again. I would much rather spend the $50 I spend now and have the best shoes for my son's feet while he needs them.

While these four things may have sounded like good ideas, they were just another ploy by companies to get money from the eagerly expecting mom. If I would have avoided all these money traps, I could have saved myself at least $170. That money would have been better spent on diapers and formula, especially during the first year.

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