First Person: Buying Baby Items in Bulk Makes Sense

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Having children can be expensive, especially the first few years. In my quest to become budget-savvy, I have learned a thing or two about buying in bulk. There are items that are worth it and some that are not. After some trial and error, I realized there are a few baby items I absolutely need to buy in bulk to save money. These are the items and how much it saves me when I buy in bulk.


This is one of the biggest expenses I have for my infant. Right now he is wearing a size three and as the sizes increase, the amount of diapers in the package or case decrease. The brand I use is a popular one, and I buy strictly by the case. The base cost of the case is $15.97 at the local big box store. That is for 96 diapers, making the cost per diaper just under 17 cents. If I buy a package of the same diapers, they are $6.97, but only 32 diapers are included. The cost per diaper in the package comes out to be just under 22 cents. The case is cheaper than the package, which is why we always buy diapers in bulk.


I use the store brand wipes, and they work really well. I buy a case of six packages for $7.88. There are 88 wipes in each package. That brings the price of individual wipes a little over one cent. If I was going to purchase the wipes in single packs, they are $1.74 each. Those same single wipes would then be two cents each. While the savings isn't incredible, every little penny counts.


This is another hefty expense, especially because it gets used so quickly. A case of 8, 12 ounce cans of powdered formula sets me back $55 dollars. That makes an ounce of formula approximately 57 cents. If I chose to buy each of the cans individually, it would cost a little over $64. The single cans retail for $8 individually. If I bought them all at retail price, I would be spending just under 67 cents per ounce.

While the savings may only amount to a few cents here and there, it adds up. These are things we use multiple times a day. The savings is not only a perk, but buying in bulk allows us to shop less frequently for these items as well. Buying in bulk doesn't always work, but for these baby items, it is a blessing.

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