First Person: My Cable Bills Are Out of Control

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How so you save money these days? You cut extra costs, and in general terms that means expenses that are not essential. When it comes to our entertainment, it is sometimes hard to make cuts. After all, American is all about entertainment. I must admit that the media bill has slowly but surely become one of those expected utility bills that is just paid despite growing each and every year. As convenient as the cable bundle is, I agree with this article that it may eventually be a thing of the past. I could seriously rethink my cable bundle.

All about the ISP

What do consumers really want these days? The Internet service provider. We need Internet more than we need any other media. With an ISP we can view media content, communicate with other people and get a lot of work done. Sure, cable TV and home phone is still used by a lot of people, but I feel like the Internet connection is slowly becoming king. Will it change our watching habits in the future?

Still like some TV and cable

The thing is, I still like having a standard television set and a cable package. As expensive as it can be, there is a certain amount of convenience attached to having a television, a remote and a bevy of channels. I know the younger generation is all about online content, but there are still large television sets being sold today. I do not anticipate getting rid of my TV anytime soon and just buying a personal tablet for everyone in the house.

Channel by channel

Of course, I wouldn't mind having a cheaper bill. Frankly, I wish cable providers would let me buy a package on a channel-by-channel basis. I am sure they would never agree to this idea, but it would certainly make it easier for me to stomach the idea of sticking with a cable provider. When my current contract is up, I may very well think about dumping the entire package in favor of online content that I can watch through my computer or television set.

Dumping the phone

The one thing that I would love to stop paying for is the home phone. At the moment, the bundled package is designed in such a way that the phone is difficult to dump. In the future this may be a little easier, but the cost of a home phone seems very excessive these days. Given the propensity of smart phones, I would be happy to remove one aspect of my media bill.

It will be interesting to see where media bills go in the future. I have my habits, but if the cost gets too high, I will be happy to let them go.

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