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My husband and I have been a couple for over 11 years, and have been married for nearly four of those years. Each year he does his best to give me an amazing anniversary gift, and I always seem to fall short. This year I'm determined to make our anniversary special for him. I've been saving money for this occasion, and now have $150 to spend. Here is how I'm planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and what it will cost me.

The gift

My husband is a simple guy who doesn't ask for much. Unlike me, he doesn't have a lot of hobbies, so it can be hard to know what to get him as a gift. One of the hobbies he does have is sport shooting. He loves to go to the shooting range to target practice, but he rarely takes time to go. So, I decided to buy him a gift certificate to his favorite shooting range as a gift. His gift certificate was $40, and that includes an additional guest pass, so he can bring a friend, one hour of range time, and two targets.

Supplies for his trip

The most expensive part of going to the shooting range isn't the cost of admission, it's the cost of the ammunition. According to an article on CNNMoney, there is a major shortage in gun shops around America, and that has caused prices to double.

My husband and I have noticed the shortage in our area as well. The ammunition we once paid $12 for is now selling for $25 or more if we can find it in stores. I plan to purchase him two boxes of ammunition for his trip, which isn't a lot, but should be enough to get him through the majority of his range time.


Our anniversary date falls on a weekday in 2013, so most of our celebrations will take place the weekend before. However, I'm planning a special meal on our actual anniversary. He loves fish and I hate the stuff, so we rarely have it. I plan to visit a nearby seafood place to pick up some fresh, farm-raised catfish. Then, I'll make the sides at home, which will be hand-cut, baked potato wedges, and fresh coleslaw. This meal will cost me around $35, which isn't bad for a dinner for two.

All told, I'll spend $125 of my $150 anniversary budget. I plan to give the remaining $25 to my husband just in case he needs to purchase something at the shooting range. This "gift" is a bit pricey, but my husband is well worth the cost.

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