First Person: We Are Celebrating Easter for $125

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Easter is a special occasion for our family. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and also take part in some fun family activities. With expensive Easter baskets, pricey clothing and fancy meals, the holiday can become expensive. However, we are celebrating Easter for $125.

Easter Activities

Typically, we have two Easter egg hunts. I try to recycle my plastic eggs so I am not purchasing new ones each year. However, this year I wanted to make sure I had enough so I purchased another set of plastic eggs for $1. For the inside of the eggs, I also purchased stickers and jelly beans for $4. For the hunt, the children will use baskets that we already own. The day before Easter, our community has several free Easter events for family including a passion play, Easter bunny visits and egg hunts. I will print out some free coloring pages for my daughter to color during Easter dinner.


Easter and Christmas are the two times when I purchase nicer clothing for my children. I try to purchase attire that isn't too fancy so my kids can wear their outfits more than once. This year, I found a floral dress for my daughter for $15 and a dress shirt for my son for $12. My children already have shoes to wear for the event. My son also has dress slacks that still fit him. Finally, my husband and I will wear clothing we already have.


Year after year, I reuse the same decorations. I have an Easter wreath, decorative bunnies and a little Easter house. Of course, we will buy a carton of eggs and dyeing supplies. Putting glitter and designs on the eggs will make them extra festive. This will cost about $5.


One of our biggest expenses for Easter will be gas. We will be traveling to San Diego for the event. Since gas is about $4 in our area, it will cost us $70 for the round trip.


Since we are going to someone else's house for Easter dinner, our costs for food will be minimal. The only thing we will be making is dessert. We plan on making Easter themed cupcakes for $5. We will have our own Easter breakfast. I bought a bunny egg mold for $3 so I could make my family hard boiled eggs in the shape of a bunny. Eggs, fruit and bacon will cost about $10.

Easter is a joyous event but it doesn't have to cost a fortune!

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